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  • 6 (All): Typo. Patchable, but you will need to remove the extra space after the hypen.

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HD: Plastic Memories (2015) [Doki][1920×1080 Hi10P BD FLAC]

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HD: Plastic Memories (2015) [Doki][1280×720 Hi10P BD AAC]

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SD: Plastic Memories (2015) [Doki][848×480 h264 BD AAC]

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27 comments to Plastic Memories (BD) – Batches

  • Elvin21

    Now its time to get this… Thanks!

  • Saya

    Just want to ask here, it this 1080p version is true 1080p? Most website say the 1080p for this anime actually just an upscale from 720p version.

    • 1080p here means it’s a direct copy of the 1080p source blu-ray.

      As for what res the studio actually animates at, I have no idea. I’m sure you can google it.

  • Jonathan

    I tried to Patch eps 06 1080p. but when I click the apply_patch.bat there is error message. file failed open. when I check with the name file it’s the right file “[Doki] Plastic Memories – 06 (1920×1080 Hi10P BD FLAC) [D738DC16]” can you help ?

  • Cloah

    Thanks for your work on this series! Cheers! ^^

  • Clumsy

    I saw this anime, but i might rewatch the BD batch, Isla best girl

  • Rokudaime

    Thanks. With how much you’ve been praising this, I suppose I should get to watching this sooner rather than later…Have to prepare for all those feels though…

    • Mirage

      Just don’t think too hard about a few details. I liked the show,but there were some obvious things that were shoehorned just for drama.

  • Anon

    Thank you for the batch.

  • Kyouma

    Thanks a lot, ixlone! πŸ˜€

  • Dylan21

    Thanks a lot. (y)

  • Mystic Vegan

    Thank you for the effort you put into this batch release.

    I haven’t watched it yet though. The batch description doesn’t say whether or not you included honorifics in the subs of this release. If you did in include them, then ‘arigatou gozaimasu’ doki-tachi-dono. πŸ™‚

    May your day be treating you all most veganly.

    • Rokudaime

      Why would they need to specify that? The standard at Doki has always been to include them.

      • Mystic Vegan

        I didn’t see in the ‘About’ section of this group’s page or ‘FAQ’ section indicating whether or not everything they release includes ‘honorifics’ subbed if present unless otherwise stated.

        I also haven’t watched every release of ‘Doki’s so I am unaware if they are 100% consistent with subbing honorifics when present when they release their batch release versions. I’ve come across groups before that seemed to include them consistently but then suddenly get thrown with curve balls that they chose not to include them in several of their recent releases either because for particular animes a lot of groups chose to deem the subbing of the honorifics even when present to not be befitting the particular anime or region or era the characters are in.

        And then at times in some groups if there is a guest editor that may choose to edit out the ‘honorifics’ even if one of the group members originally included honorifics in their version of the release. Or a group may be trying to finish a release quickly to get it out to people who may have been waiting a while for it so they may for that particular release choose to skip adding ‘honorifics’ to the subtitles when they are basing them on ‘CR’ or other official or unofficial subs that may have left out the honorifics.

        It would be appreciated if they had a ‘FAQ’ section. Or ‘Statement’ section stating what is usually involved in their releases such as including honorifics when present & animated karaoke, etc. And stating that if they choose to not do their usual way they may choose to state so in the release such as the release of episode 1 of ‘Atelier Escha & Logy – Alchemists of the Dusk Sky’.

        The following link is to a comment of a particular release that I recall when ‘honorifics’ were edited out of it even though one of the group members originally had them in them in their release of it; It was nice though that in the batch they edited back in the ‘honorifics’ in the subtitles for episode 1.

        I’m also aware that in some groups if enough people don’t mention that they appreciate the inclusion of ‘honorifics’ in the subtitles a group may choose to save some time in a particular release by choosing to not include them if they want to hurry up & get a release out that may have been on the ‘back-burner’ for awhile. So, if I choose to comment & mention honorifics it may not be my intention to be a nag but just a gentle reminder that it is appreciated when groups include them. Also, for those who don’t frequently watch this groups release they may not be aware whether or not this group includes ‘honorifics’ in the subs unless otherwise states. And for those of us who have fickle memories we may not recall how consistent this or other groups are with including honorifics in their releases.

        At the moment there are several anime’s I’m interested in but even when multiple groups groups are working on them even though they may have included awesome animated karaoke for the OP’s, ED’s & Insert songs it seems they have all chosen to leave out honorifics. πŸ™ And there subs for the most part seem to duplicates of each other to the tee. Although their typesetting is great in the releases for these groups leaving out the honorifics is quite the bummer for me.

        By the way ‘Rokudaime-dono’ have you come across any releases from any groups that include honorifics in their subtitles, awesome animated karaoke, FLAC audio, that are doing any of the following animes?: Kakumeiki Valvrave, Madan no Ou to Vanadis, & Aldnoah Zero. Or any separate subtitles with awesome animated karoake, honorifics, & great typesetting for the anime I just mentioned?

        If this comment is deemed too lenghty & redudant I do apologize in advance.

        May the day be treating you most veganly Rokudaime-dono, ja mata ne.

        • Rokudaime

          Yeee, sorry, that’s way too long a comment, especially as a response to what I said. I don’t know why you would make such a long rant just to explain your reasoning. I make long comments sometimes, but this one is a good deal longer than anything I’ve ever posted I think. Anyway, I skimmed through it, but I by no means read all of it, and I didn’t read it properly. And no, I can’t help you with your question about good sub groups for those shows you mentioned. Well, I could probably look it up, but that’s something you can do yourself.

  • Myrvrad

    Forcing me to watch it again T.T
    Thx, snif

  • Rokudaime

    Watched this today. It was good, though the main premise/concept of the story bothers me a little. I mean the lifespan is one thing, but it doesn’t really make sense that they can’t backup or restore the memories of the androids. It seems a bit forced. It’s obviously made that way just for the sake of the drama. Also, this didn’t hit me in the feels as hard as I thought it would (not that I escaped unscathed). Maybe it was because it was made perfectly clear and obvious right from the start how things would eventually end, or maybe it was because the ending was actually pretty nice, or maybe it was both, or maybe neither, I don’t know. But overall a pretty good show in any case.

  • Rokudaime

    Btw ix, would guys be willing to consider translating the two short drama soundtracks that are in the OP and ED single albums for this show (like, I don’t know, with a text file that we can download and read while listening to the two soundtrack files or something)? One’s called “Monologue Drama ‘To You.'”, and is 3 minutes long. It’s just Isla talking. The other is called “‘Plastic Memories’ Mini Drama”, and is 8 minutes and 51 seconds long. This one is an actual short story with Isla and Tsukasa. I downloaded the ED and OP singles (and the 2 OST’s) from the anime, and listened to these two drama soundtracks, and I kinda wish I could understand more of what is going on. I can only understand a little bit.

  • 4Head

    The CPM (cliche per minute) in this anime is abnormally high.
    Would also go ahead and call it cringe per minute as well. I just can’t take this stuff anymore. The more I watch this type of anime, the more I hate the next one that’s using the same cliche shit.

    I’m surprised you managed to do this for years.

    It’s so predictable, and not in exciting way, but in obnoxious one.

    Whole point of this show was to make something that dies easily so people can have “feels” over it. I had none, because it was all fake (not in sense everything anime is fake).

  • Giorgi

    Wow the quality is very good considering the file size, also I’m big fan of your subtitles as of lately and try to use them for my collection where available.

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