Mobamas - 10

More Idolmaster stuff:

  • One for All DLC Catalog 11 is out
    • Mio is hotter in 3D than I remember from previous episodes
  • DLC Catalog 4 is now on sale; Anzu is worth 580 yen.
  • Jakeman95 went to a convention
  • I used Brynhildr in Granblue Fantasy so much, I now have a second Ranko summon.
  • Here’s a link to our production on Mobamas, 109 Pro.

Thanks to Jocko for timing, typesetting, KFXing, and doing everything, and krymsun00 for translating the insert.

Song credits

  • Translators: krymsun00 (“Orange Sapphire”), Uzuki (“Let’s Go Happy!!”)
  • Timer: xMyth
  • Editor: Delwack
  • Effects: Jocko

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