Mobamas - 09

More Idolmaster stuff:

  • Apparently Doki got a DMCA over Mobamas.
  • If you’re looking for sasuage links in this post, we don’t offer them anymore, but be sure to check out the tasty sauce we have.
  • Mobamas was announced to be split into two seasons. Starting April, a rerun of the original anime series (which is now dubbed 765 Pro season 1) will air in Mobamas’ time slot. The second half of this series will return in July, followed by 765 Pro season 2 in October
    • The Friday Night Fever event that has been running on Mobamas (i.e. weekly free stuff and audio drama) will also be moved to Greemas.
    • This likely is a last minute decision, as the show was originally announced on the website for nine BD volumes to be released monthly. The “monthly” part has now been redacted.
    • Please give Greemas anime in January.
  • This week’s free stuff on Mobamas is a free SR+ Kanako.
  • Jakeman95 now has a SR Imai Kana.
  • Edit: Here’s a link to our production on Mobamas if anyone would like to join us.

Song credits

  • TL: Uzuki
  • Timer: xMyth
  • Editor: Delwack
  • Effects: Jocko

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