Kore wa Zombie Desu ka (BD) - New Batches

Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?

New encodes + updated scripts.

480p (h264) and 720p (hevc) were roughly the same size, so no updated 480p batch. Certainly not because I’m lazy, nope. ( ¬‿¬)

HD: Kore wa Zombie Desu ka (2011) [Doki][1920×1080 HEVC BD FLAC]

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HD: Kore wa Zombie Desu ka (2011) [Doki][1280×720 HEVC BD AAC]

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54 comments to Kore wa Zombie Desu ka (BD) – New Batches

  • Geese1

    Thanks for the release!

  • Mathew

    WOW, first HEVC release (or did I miss any?)

  • Ekke

    Any reason I should get HEVC BD 720p instead of H264 BD 720p? o_o
    Besides updated scripts.

  • Elvin21

    Its like the 2nd show on HEVC… Thanks! Gonna update the archive…

  • testers

    thanks for release :v

    time to taste HEVC..
    gonna take this :v

  • red

    Might I ask what version of x265 you used?

  • CoolKid

    Update scripts ?
    I Dont see any diff. except “SMALL Size” and that “HEVC” 😀

  • D

    Lets say the file in HEVC is 500 MB. How much filesize did you save compared to Hi10p ?

  • Jigsy

    And so it begins… :<

  • Rokudaime

    Hmm…Will be my first go at HEVC, but I want those updated scripts, and 10-bit worked well for me way back when I switched over to that after being used to 8-bit, so I’m going to assume this will work as it should as well…Still, I’m still using the old 11-11-11 version of CCCP, because I downgraded back to it after one of the (now older) newer versions that I upgraded to made it so I could no longer play Doki’s Angel Beats! BD releases properly, so I decided to use a version I knew worked, and that has always worked for me…I’m wondering if such an old version of the pack will still work with this HEVC stuff, or if I have to upgrade? Guess I’ll find out…

    • HaloGuy

      I’m quite satisfied with Kawaii Codec Pack. It’s updated frequently and play everything without flaw. Not to mention, it’s specially made for watching anime episodes, just like CCCP.

  • lifeaura

    Just wanna ask something a bit off topic… did doki dropped unbreakable machine doll (Machine-Doll wa Kizutsukanai) BD? Thanks for the reply

  • Knwtmsyn

    Wow, um, thanks!

  • Pzc

    Excuse me for being a noob and all when it comes to the new HEVC/h265 but I’m curious as to if there’s something like the 8-bit and 10-bit thingie in h264 ?
    I checked this release in MPC-HC (using CCCP/madvr) and contrary to h264 where it says avc and then a bit depth here it only says HEVC. If there is 8/10-bit, is there any convenient way to tell?

    Thanks for the release ! =)

    • Barnahadnagy

      HEVC’s Main profile includes 10bit, and this release is encoded in 10bit. As it is now in the main profile, I don’t think any fansub groups are going to do 8bit HEVC (As even HW decoders like BD players with HEVC support have to play 10bit HEVC too). We may see 12 bit encodes in the future tho.

    • anonymlol

      These are 10-bit (Main10 profile). You can check it yourself too. Open the video and either press the madVR icon and have a look at the video track info or go to File/Properties. In both cases, it’ll show something like “Video: HVC1 1280×720 23.976fps [V: HEVC [jpn] (hevc main 10, yuv420p10le, 1280×720) [default]]”.

      • Pzc

        Ah, I see. I checked File->Properties->MediaInfo where it clearly says for h264 but drew blank. Found the info you provided in the Details tab though. Just got to learn how to decode that info a little better 😉

        Thanks a lot to the both of you for replying =)

  • Jonesy974

    Oooh dats nice. Smaller file size is always a plus.

    Still praying for that Yahari batch though. S2 is drawing near.

  • Aran

    I compared this to the previous batch. The new one is a tiny bit fuzzier, but not much. Less banding and stuff in the dark areas though. Since I have fairly old computers and the new batch is a bit harder to run, I’ll keep both for now.

    Dat file size though. xD

  • Rokudaime

    Ye, this batch didn’t work for me on MPC with my 11-11-11 CCCP pack (it worked on VLC though). I don’t want to change my codec setup unless I have to, since experience tells me that newer codec packs may not necessarily work with all older anime releases, so I think I’ll just keep my old batch, since that one works for me just fine.

  • Ramhe

    Could you provide a rundown of your workflow with HEVC? Scripts, x265 settings, etc…?

    • anonymlol

      Sounds like effort >_>. Here‘s my script, if that helps.

      • Ramhe

        Thanks a lot 🙂

      • Guest

        anonymlol, nice script!

        Few suggestions.

        I wonder why use everywhere “@echo” instead of just “echo”?
        @ – supress echo output for the current line command, but when you manually supress it for the whole batch file with “@echo off” (note that @ here supress this command output before it executes) you don’t need to use it anymore until you turn in back with “echo on”.
        For example this code:

        @echo off
        echo Hello, world!

        is similar to:

        @echo Hello, world!

        Also note the differences between && and & command:
        1) copy xxx zzz & echo Hello, world!
        Copy file “xxx” to “yyy” and echo “Hello, world!” string.

        2) copy xxx zzz && echo Hello, world!
        Copy file “xxx” to “yyy”, BUT echo “Hello, world!” string ONLY if ERRORLEVEL for the last command was 0 (no error).

        And also:
        xcopy folder\file && @echo.
        Can be shortened with (“.” – means current folder):
        copy folder\file .

        P.S. Did you know that you can use double colon instead of REM command?

        REM This is a comment.
        :: This is a comment too!

        Just list “// comments” in C-like languages. 🙂

        • Guest

          facepalm.bat 😀
          “Just list” should be “Just like”. 🙂

        • anonymlol

          I don’t remember why I chose @echo instead of echo. It works, so I’ll keep it as is.

          The && helps me find the bug when something isn’t working as intended. It also prevents the script from continuing even though there was an error.

          For xcopy, I’m not copying from the current folder. I’m copying to the current folder from another folder in the same parent dir.

          :: Isn’t the correct way to comment in batch files and can break stuff. REM is the way to go.

          • Guest

            > It works, so I’ll keep it as is.
            If it works – don’t touch it. (c) IT Rule #1 🙂

            For &&, I don’t mean ERRORLEVEL checking, just asking about “&& @echo.” – now I understand that you, probably, want one empty line, but just write it together with the preceding command. 🙂

            For xcopy – but I’m right too. 🙂
            All this three lines have the same effect:

            xcopy “%~dp0%avsFolder%\480.avs”
            copy “%~dp0%avsFolder%\480.avs” .
            copy “%~dp0%avsFolder%\480.avs”

            xcopy is an external program while copy is an internal command, but it can’t copy folders – only files (that’s why xcopy tool (which can) added since later version of MS-DOS).

            :: – it’s a bug’o’feature, but it’s legal since early MS-DOS era and I don’t think anything changes soon (because… backward compatability 😀 – not sure about React OS or similar stuff). 🙂 And I know it’s not the official way to add a comments in the batch files, that’s why I mention it in the P.S. just for side note. 🙂

            Thanks for the answer!

  • Joe88

    Replaced the 720p tv rip from ayako (RIP).

  • RED

    what software did you use for x265 encoding??

  • Tornado15550

    Thanks for the HEVC release! Works flawlessly! 😀 Will we see more HEVC content from Doki?

  • Knwtmsyn

    This is so much more blurry than the other releases.

  • Why does it said,”Error: Element not found”?

  • Kyouma

    Got a question about season two. Was there a reason to change the Default Font’s style after two episodes? Just curious ^^

  • Whitebread

    Just wanted to make sure of something before I run through this show. Ep. 13 is clearly the OVA, but MAL has it listed as 2 episodes. I’m assuming that since I can’t find any evidence otherwise, this is just another case of MAL screwing up?

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