Mobamas - 01

Patches to fix missing fonts/can’t into mimetype (courtesy of heyman). – TheThing

Here’s our first show of the season, Cinderella Girls (or as you will see me call it much more often, Mobamas)! It is no secret that a lot of us here in Doki are big fans of the franchise and the games (I am a proud Airi producer myself), and so I am very happy to have inb4ed alta bring this to you as one of our projects for this season.


  • Translator: Jakeman95
  • Timer: Chief Tim, xMyth (songs)
  • TLC: Uzuki
  • Editor: ShijouTakane
  • QC: AmamiHaruka
  • Typesetter: Orillion
  • Karaoke effects: TheThing, Jocko
  • Encoder: Pikminiman
  • Producer: Kuzu

Thanks to krymsun00 and Delwack for additional contributions.

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