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Hybrid_Being needs some help with adding comparisons to for the new season.

If you’re interested, drop me an email at

All you need to know is how to demux releases and take screenshots in Aegisub.

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  • Femto Zeta

    roughly how much effort goes into a comparison?

  • HB said that each show takes roughly an hour, but it all depends on how many groups are doing the show and if the show is sign-heavy (don’t have to do all signs, but heavier shows benefit from more sign comparisons).
    For a good idea of what shots to take, look at this example from last season:
    We got the logo, OP karaoke, various signs, various lines of dialog, and ED karaoke. Since Inou Battle was pretty sign heavy at the beginning, there are a bit more sign comparisons.
    Typically, it’s best to wait until Eps 2/3 air, as some groups drop at Ep1 and they sometimes do not include OP/ED (lyrics and/or sequence).

  • Someone

    Why do you need to demux the releases?

    • Knwtmsyn

      To extract the subtitle files, I would imagine.

      • Someone

        But you can take screenshots without needing to extract subtitles. What is the reason for needing the subtitle file by itself?

        • Pikminiman

          I know demuxing sounds like extra effort, but trust me when I say that using Aegisub will be a LOT faster in the long run. If you just do screenshots in MPC (or whatever your preferred media player), precise frame seeking will be much more tedious as compared to simply clicking on the relevant line in Aegisub and having the video preview automatically show the exact correct frame immediately.

          • Someone

            Oh, ok. You could just use “open subtitles” along with “open video” in aegisub so I think saying “demux release” was misleading.

          • Wouldn’t you have to demux to obtain the subtitles?

          • Someone

            I guess so, but I never saw it as “demuxing” so it confused me. Like you look at the subtitles file but it’s still inside the mkv file because the files didn’t actually separate or something. Anyways, it was confusing, but no need to worry about me…

          • Pikminiman

            Actually, Holo and Someone, Aegisub can open .ass files directly from .mkv files, so demuxing is technically not necessary for the viewing part. However, the person doing it would still need to demux all the attached fonts, or else they wouldn’t display correctly. So, you’re both right; demuxing the .ass files isn’t necessary, but demuxing the fonts is.

  • Pikminiman

    I’m interested in helping out, Holo.

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