Banner Competition: Dokimas 2014 (with prizes!)

Update: The winners for the regular banners are MrGS, enussi, and Darkflamemaster. Honourable metnion goes to Yuuiki, whose banner received the most votes among the staff but seems to be strangely vetoed by Holo (at least I haven’t rolled it once). Please check your email inboxes for instructions to receive your prize!

Holo edit: It’s definitely there!

Hello, folks! It’s been a while since we’ve had a banner competition, so it’s time to have another one! To mix things up a bit this time, we have two categories for the banners this time: for Christmas and New Years (closed), and for regular banners for all year round. In addition, we’re giving out prizes in (almost) true holiday christmas spirit!

As for the usual rules, here are some copypasta from the last competition:

The banner competition will end when there are sufficient submissions.
The number of banners we pick will be proportional to the number of submitted entries.
Submit by replying to this post, 1 link to a banner per reply.

And here are the technical criteria for the banners submitted to be used on the blog:

  • 1240px x 250px
  • .jpg or .png (preferred)
  • Filesize should be reasonable.

And here are the criteria for characters/shows:

  • Character(s) should be female. (Or at least include a female.)
  • Banner must be SFW. No nudity/genitalia/hentai/etc.
  • Character(s) should come from a show that Doki has done/is doing/plans to do.
  • The banner should include the words “Doki Fansubs” somewhere on it.
  • We cannot accept Clannad banners containing official Key artwork.

Just some advice, the best banners not only have good design, but the logo “Doki Fansubs” also “fits” the banner, ie, it doesn’t stand out.

The best 8 designs as chosen by staff members (4 Christmas/New Year designs and 4 regular designs) will receive a single Steam key for one of the following games:

Please note that the prizes are not finalised.

If you are not artistic, we will also have more ways to win keys in the coming days. More prizes may also be added, so stay tuned!

Good luck!

Update: The winners for the Christmas banners are ABC, Lolicon4Life, and WarmMist. Honourable mention goes to ZdrytchX. Keep the regular banners coming!

120 comments to Banner Competition: Dokimas 2014 (with prizes!)

  • -Keeko-

    So… When will the results come in? It has been quite some time now since submissions were closed.

  • WarmMist

    Congrats to the winners.

    Since most (or all?) of the banners are being used, I’ll post another one so they can use it if they feel like it:

    I’ve already showed it to Kuzu by email, but I don’t know if he ever got to see it. I just found it surprising that my Louise banner, which was a little uninspired, is being used and this one isn’t. So I thought I should post it in case no one saw it. It’s perfectly fine if you don’t want to use it though, just thought I should at least show it once since I had spent the time to make it.

    • WarmMist

      I just saw that they included it. Thanks, Doki staff. I’m glad you liked it and sorry if I sounded a little pushy. Also thank you again for the Christmas prize, I really enjoyed reading Planetarian.

  • Rokudaime

    Can we get a compilation/list of all the banners like we did the last time? I enjoy looking at them! ^^

  • I’m quite shocked at who you picked as winners. To be honest, they’re pretty bad (except Yuuiki’s banner). MrGS’s honestly doesn’t even deserve it… there’s hardly any effort and text is barely readable.

    Also you won’t be getting a response from Darkflamemaster. Why? The email used for Darkflamemaster is a Mailinator service and I don’t remember the address. I’m even surprised you picked that piece of crap. Was only a 5 minute job and, of course, it got chosen.

    I’m at least glad that Yuuiki’s banner won. I look at mine and I really wonder what I was thinking when I decided to call that finished. Oh well.

    • Kuzu

      These are all voted by the staff members, so it’s not like only one person arbitrarily pulled them out of a hat or something.

    • enussi

      Hey Balance. Any particular criticism for my banner?

      I know with design, what’s “good” or “bad” can be highly subjective, but I’m always up for constructive feedback especially when someone doesn’t like my work. Getting different perspectives on a piece can help me address something I may not have thought of.

      • You asked for it.

        First and foremost, the background. The severe lack of background is really what made this a little disappointing. To make it just purely white makes it really boring. It’d be different if there was a singular focus on the composition, however there are way too many things going on. You could have at least added a faint color or even perhaps a gradient in the background that would fit the overall feel of the banner. It’s even worse since there did seem to be some sort of background behind the characters, however they weren’t utilized in the end. Speaking of focuses.

        The banner was far too busy. The overall balance of the composition was too heavy on one side leaving the other feeling very empty. As a result, the rhythm/flow of the image felt very static. It would have been better if those girls were centered (while downsizing them a bit) and the text closer to them.

        Also the typography was good, but it’s very jagged. It appears as though you rasterized the type and rotated it. Again, I can appreciate the creativity behind the overall typography (possibly the best thing out of the entire banner), but when it’s looking like that, it can’t be anything good.

        Overall, the banner was just void of a proper background (thus making it difficult to see if there’s a back-mid-fore ground), too busy with typography that could have been much better.

        At least yours had effort. I would suggest extracting the girls from the image and trying to work off of that instead. Also make sure your typography isn’t as aliased. Glad to see that yours at least had effort compared to a certain one.

  • liberty

    Balance, I know it’s frustrating when you think your stuff it’s better and I feel for you. Anyhow this vote reflects the tastes of the voters and you can do nothing about it. Just be a good sport and accept the decision without whining. After all, this is not the only competition you’ll lose in your life.

    My 2 cents

  • Laxx

    Witty banners seem to overexert some people here. Well, you don’t know what you’re missing out.

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