Sakura Trick - 08

Sakura Trick – 08

Yuu-chan really is best girl.


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480p: [Doki] Sakura Trick - 08 (848x480 h264 AAC) [FAF99440].mkv

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13 comments to Sakura Trick – 08

  • Nanoc

    Well, a new episode but still no answer to my question:

    I’ve got a little problem with the Titels of the Episodes
    They always show me a “?” instead of a “!”
    For example in Episode 7 at 4:43 it says “Swimsuit Fanservice ? Some Crying” instead of “Swimsuit Fanservice ! Some Crying”
    Same thing occurred at 14:01
    The rest of the subtitles worked fine.
    I’m using the latest versions of MPC-HC, madVR, LAV-Filters and xy-VSfilter so I don’t know what’s causing this error (maybe missing Font ?)

    • It’s supposed to be a star, not an exclamation mark.

      Are you running Windows XP? Sometimes you need to install the Japanese language pack to make things show properly.

  • Nanoc

    Yes, I’m using Windows XP and installed the japanese language pack when I’ve installed WIN XP on my Harddisk.
    I’ve tested the video on another PC (also with WIN XP, japanese language pack, the latest MPC-HD, LAV-Filters, madVR and xy-VSFilter) and got the same result = A “!” instead of a “Star”

    I did a quick check on the other Episodes
    Episode 1 – 4 – The Titles are OK !

    In the Titles of Episode 5 I got a “Square” instead of a Star (for Example in the preview for the next Episode at 24:00 it says “Cultural Festival “Square” Sleepover” and “Cultural Festival “Square” The Real Thing”) in the pink english text beneath the Japanese text, and your subtitles have no Sign at that place, just a big space between “Festival” and “Sleepover” and “Festival” and “The”

    In Episode 6 in the preview for Episode 7 it says “Swimsuit Fanservice ? And some Crying” in the pink english text beneath the Japanese text and your subtitles also say “Swimsuit Fanservice ? And some Crying”

    Like I mentioned before, it’s the same thing in Episode 7.

    The Titles for Episode 8 seem to be OK.

    I’ve also tested the releases from HorribleSubs, and they worked fine, but in their subs there’s always a “!” instead of a “Star” in the titles for the episodes.

  • Jakeman95

    Lol, people still use XP? It’s over 10 years old people. How many of you use a 10 year old phone or how many of you are actually running on 10 year old hardware? Seriously, there’s no excuse.

  • Nanoc

    @ Jakeman95 ( I hope you didn’t use Windows 95 !)
    Thanks, your replay was very helpful !
    I’m using Win XP because it got all what I need and works fine for me, even if it’s old (and there are a lot of people out there who are thinking the same way)

    So you only like new things because you think they are always better ?
    Than I hope you’ve got rid oft your grandparents, because they are old too and can’t work as much as young folk.
    I hope you will find a new, 20 year old grandfather and -mother.

    • Well, security updates are about to run out on Windows XP (or did they already?) so it wont have “everyhting you need” anymore in near future :/

      And your comparison with living beings is flawed in so many ways I dont even want to start… The reason “I dont have enough money to get it!” would have been more fitting here 😉

  • Dannphou

    Are you guys doing the Ano Hana Movie when it comes out on BD next week?

  • Nanoc

    Solved the problem by myself:
    1. Deleted your releases
    2. Downloaded HorribleSubs releases
    3. Watched HorribleSubs releases
    4. Got no Problems while watching this
    5. So problem solved

    I did this because I don’t want to change my OS or waste my diskspace on some fonts that are only used for your your release of this anime.

    • Good job, since the fonts would take a whole 14.55 MB of your diskspace away! Man, where could somebody find THAT much diskspace these days :/

      Instead the wise choice is to delete the already downloaded releases, redownload them (roundabout 8x 300 MB = 2.4 GB) and watch them… because you didn’t get your star in the title!

      I hope you enjoyed their TS… I heard it’s pretty nifty D:

  • DM1138

    best. misunderstanding. EVER!!! That was an awesome ep:D

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