Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate – 07

Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate – 07

Past halfway! 8bit raws for rest of the TV releases.

720p: [Doki] Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate - 07 (1280x720 h264 AAC) [C7B93F73].mkv

Torrent | XDCC

480p: [Doki] Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate - 07 (848x480 h264 AAC) [B2BDAED4].mkv

Torrent | XDCC

9 comments to Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate – 07

  • Yuu-kun

    That release pic. Thanks for the release.

  • Elvin21

    Looks like its yummy… Thanks for the release!

  • Rykuu Disaga

    yay, more of this anime which still confuses me in some area (why the heck does the main dude see other students differently than his friends?). Cannot wait for the rest of this, Kokoro, and the Sankare BD’s ^_^

  • Bla

    Was this the reason why you don’t release it faster you didn’t get a 10 bit raw? Or why the “sudden” change to 8 bit encoding?!?

    • TheThing

      Uhh… yeah, sure. That was the reason why we couldn’t release faster <_< Yeah, let's go with that, sounds like a legit excu... uhhh, reason.

      • Jakeman95

        /me won’t point fingers…
        /me won’t say that he had finished translating through episode 10 over a month ago…
        /me won’t say it…

        • Rykuu Disaga

          so, not to point fingers and accuse innocent doki staff who are obviously doing their absolute best, breaking their fingers and losing soooo many hours of sleep, just so that we, the doki community, who abosolutly love and adore the staff who do all and more of the previously stated sacrifices for the sole sake of us, the doki community, solely so that we may take pleasure in a few 20-25 minutes episodes a week, even though most are delayed by weeks, months, and (God forbid, but happens none the less, as I hear) Years, is this project on hold at? I wish to give them a letter of encouragement stating that I will be patient and understand that whatever complication they have come across that has put this summer show on hold for 2+ seasons, will soon be over come and we will see the end of the TV broadcast before the final BD is released and finished by Doki.

          ;P all joking aside, keep the good work up.

    • Zdm321

      Basically, we were missing transport streams for 7+ (and for Kokoro 11+), and nobody told me to look on Share/PD for some.

      Blame Thingu anyway! 😀

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