Circle of Fifth

Circle of Fifth

Saw this Key Sound Label floating around. Don’t know much about this one… Other than amoung the artists included are Kotoko and Lia.

So I’ll just leave this space to be be ninja’d by Clannad_Man, who no doubt can fill us in.

FLAC: [Doki] Circle of Fifth (FLAC) [B3B4769E].rar

Torrent | XDCC

MP3 (320 kbps): [Doki] Circle of Fifth (MP3) [59D6C262].rar

Torrent | XDCC

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  • MikuDrive

    Just when i thought I was done sorting music for the day, haha! Knowing Key this should be good, thanks a lot!

  • Pelfmiester

    Not much of a Key fan but Kotoko sounds good. Will see what else is in there.

  • Cloah

    Thank you very much for this! 🙂

  • twdarkeh

    Looks good. Will have to take a listen.

  • Rawr

    @So I’ll just leave this space to be be ninja’d by Clannad_Man

    Should be fun, hopefully he’l explain the back story to us lol

    Also thanks

    • Rawr

      Just saw the staff list and have to say congrats Rokudaime, a very well deserved title there LOL.

      Also Happy Halloween 🙂

      • Just realize it. oh lol XD

        • Rawr

          Yeah, I had the same reaction. Best of luck to him, I assume his job is to continue doing what he does best? lol

          If memory serves me correct though, he isn’t American(Speaking about the icon near his name), I think he’s from some country in Europe, somewhere like Norway or something right? He told me ages ago, he’l need to confirm when he’s next online.

          • Rokudaime

            Thanks Rawr! 😀 And yes, I’m Norwegian, Holo just doesn’t have a Norwegian flag in his reportoire at the moment, so he’s going to fix that later once he gets ahold of one.

            As for my job, I’ll be filling in for one of the roles Clannad_Man had before he became too busy; relaying to the fans what the progress is on the work being done on the Visual Novels Doki are working on, and answering questions. The info I need I get from Delwack (and Phlebas if it’s about Little Busters), who of course is in charge of the VN Department, and has inherited Clannad_Man’s other roles. But he’s very busy being hard at work with the VN’s right? So he doesn’t always have time to scour the threads all the time answering questions about the progress, or helping people that have problems running the games and/or patches. That’s where I come in.

            I’m not as knowledgeable about Key stuff as Clannad_Man is, but apparently he recommended me for the job, since I already check all the topics frequently, and post responses to, and help people whenever and wherever I can. And I do like helping people! ^_^ So I’ll do my best! Wish me luck! ^_^

            P.S: Kotoko, Lia, and Key defenitely sounds like a good combination for music, so I will defenitely be grabbing this! ^_^

            P.P.S: My 2000th post! Yey! ↖(^∀^)↗

          • Clannad Man: “Holo, what does it say about his power level?”

            Holo: “It just hit two thousaaaannnndd!”

            *breaks loli scouter*

          • >1420

            still got a long way, huh? 😛

          • Rawr


            Nice, let’s see how that works out for you. Though If someone asks something too difficult to answer, you always have Clannad Man. 🙂


            You’l hit 2000 soon, no doubt about that lol. And I’ll eventually get 6th place on the posters table, overtaking Elvin in the process 🙂

          • Rokudaime

            @Clannad Man
            Lol. 😛

            Don’t worry, you’ll probably reach 2000 sooner than you think. ^^

            Absolutely! ^^ I also have Delwack, Phlebas, and several others to rely on for help when needed, so it’s no problem! ^^

  • Nuserame

    Heh, thought for a moment it said ‘cradle of filth’.

  • Mackes

    This is collection of opening songs that made by Shinji Orito…

    sad to see this guy is underated by western fans

  • C’mon, Ix, just release all KSLA!

  • I’ll take this post as a cue and respond as ixlone requested.

    ‘Circle of Fifth’ is one of several albums released by Key Sounds Label over the past few months. The album’s primary purpose seems to be to showcase compositions by Shinji Orito, probably made possible by Jun Maeda’s shift towards producing music for his self owned label, Flaming June.

    The album contains recognizable tracks from several of Key’s works, including Light Colors, TORCH, Tori no uta, Alicemagic, Philosophyz, Kaze no Tadoritsuku Basho, etc. All of the tracks appear to be remixed in some way, though some are more different than others. (TORCH’s opening, for example, sounds much different than the ED song fans should know from Clannad ~After Story~.)

    The assortment of tracks included in this two disk album, from Key and otherwise, allows for a fine listening experience, especially for those who do not own any of Key/Visual Art’s other compilation albums. The new version of Starting Over is upbeat, as expected, and Light Colors features a guitar mix akin to the live KSL concert versions.

    Speaking of which, in a recent webcast featuring the album, the Tomoyo After OP, ‘Light Colors’, was used as the opening background music. You can listen to the webcast here.

    Key links here as a place to purchase the album.

    For a complete, frequently updated list of Official Key Music, take a gander here:

  • Nyann

    Sounds nice. Love it. Thanks!

  • Ovindel

    Did only hear sign by Ray, and TORCH and Kaze no Tadoritsuku Basho (both only anime ver.) before. I didn’t expect them to be made by the same person honestly, but what exactly did this guy do actually? (there are many things needed for a song)
    sign isn’t different from the Ano Natsu de Matteru anime but TORCH and Kaze no Tadoritsuku really are much different from the anime version, it was very interesting to listen to it.

  • Gucio

    Please:) reseed Asobi ni Iku Yo! (2010) [Doki][1920×1080 h264 BD FLAC] thanks in advance.

  • Alex

    Is Key, so it must be good. Thanks for sharing.

  • Warrof

    what the hey?!?!!?!?!?!?!!?!?! Shooting Star is the opening for Onegai Sensei anime. did Key have somthing to do with that?!?!?!

  • Warrof

    yeesh, Track 3: 空の森で is the ending for Onegai Sensei, albeit both are remixed as Clannad Man said

  • HiddenJ

    Awesome guys! Thanks for the release. Currently working on the Key Crossover torrent for Bakabt and this is one of the ones I was missing (couldn’t find a good rip of it). Definitely will be added in with proper credits 🙂 thanks again Doki!

    P.S. Going into my own personal collection as well. Wish I had the money to buy these great albums!

    • Greetings, HiddenJumper. Fancy you stopping by here!

      I will say, it has been very, very challenging collecting a complete set of the Key Daikazoku Collection. I’m getting real close though… the Radio CDs are killers since disks never come up for sale used. Of course, the real challenges are the limited edition versions… the Vinyls & the 10th Memorial Score included. Oh, but they’re pretty! XD

      • HiddenJ

        Try to come by and check up on Doki. Doki comes out with a few of my favorite thiiinnngsss *sings*

        Anyhow, I can only imagine the costs for some of these CDs. I know the economy in Japan has greatly jacked up prices on items that in America, wouldn’t cost so much, but daaayyuuummm. Hoping those Radio CDs will go on sale eventually, cause those are hard to find.

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