Tari Tari – 05

Tari Tari - 05

Tsun Sawa is the best Sawa.

Now we’re really getting into it. The dorama is really coming. Can you feel it? I can feel it. I’ll be fucking disappointed if there’s no dorama next week. Need my teen angst fix.

In other news, a few minutes in, there’s a moment where Konatsu starts explaining something to Vienna relating to the Edo period. Much like last episode this is a load of bollocks, but we couldn’t fit the TL note in with all the other dialogue, so here it is, for your enjoyment.

TL Note: Konatsu is misleading Vienna, here. The phrase is actually commonly used in Japanese to raise spirits, and can often be heard at baseball games.

[21:07:37] <&Hanabi-oneesama> I have seriously got to say…
[21:07:54] <&Hanabi-oneesama> Vienna and Konatsu may be the most incredible retard duo EVER.

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