Announcing the Key 15th Anniversary Letter Project

Hello, fellow Doki lurkers,

I am very pleased to announce that Doki, along with Team Fluffy, the Air TL Duo, and Amaterasu Translations, will be participating in the Key 15th Anniversary Letter Project.

The project aims to send Key and Visual Art’s a fan letter on their 15th anniversary (July 21, 2013, exactly a year from today) as a way to show them their overseas fans’ appreciation. This letter will be created throughout next year by collecting and compiling fan messages and illustrations addressed to Key into a letter in both English and Japanese.

The project is currently in its initial planning stages, and submissions will begin to be accepted at a later date. Please join us at the project’s website and its IRC channel,, to participate in the project’s planning and discussion.

On other news: Kokoro Connect still isn’t out.

78 comments to Announcing the Key 15th Anniversary Letter Project

  • Some guy

    Just remember, Key doesn’t like the West
    Rewrite, despite being all ages so no justification from content, had DRM designed to prevent people outside of Japan from playing, and the CEO when asked about it simply responded on twitter in English “JPN sales only”.

  • Rokudaime

    This is an awesome idea! ^^ Looking forward to see how it turns out! Oh, and for those of you that are worrying that it will backfire with KEY trying to shut down Doki or something: If they responded to a letter from so many fans in such a way, the news would spread, and they would be known as the notorious game company that hates all Western fans. I doubt they would do that. But, well, who knows? ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

    • Irie Naoki

      It also helps that they dont really care about what happens in the western countries. It’s the same as if I were to create something in Iceland and suddenly would get a huge mail from people in USA about them loving what I did, I would be incredibly happy.

  • Algazero

    Let’s make this happen guys, I’ve got a lot of praise to give to Key and Visual Art’s. The fact that there’s a lot of people who have enjoyed their works and have had their hearts touched with their amazing characters and brilliant writing may result in their works being brought over. I would recommend that you hit up people who have translated the animes, mangas, and visual novels of Key’s works in order to spread the word and increase the numbers of this project.

  • LordMerkadis

    I still would be careful tho, we wouldn’t want anyone in here being the 1st to be ferried to jp’s court xP
    And actually i doubt they need to bother with any ferrying.. see they can simply use our own laws against us, simply a call to the right place will work it. :]
    So.. personally i wouldn’t write any addresses in there.

    • Rawr

      Just to put you at ease, they can’t use your countries laws against you, that’s virtually impossible and unheard of with anime/Visual Novels, unless its the rights holder in your country.

      At most, the license holder can try and take you to court if they reside in the same country as you, i.e what Funimation tried to do with people who downloaded Fractale but failed.

  • Stan

    I love Key and all but who else is feeling that they would re-release all of the visual novels in the 15th year Memorial Edition or something that provides full voicing to Kanon and other stuff to the others

  • Btw, I’m pleased with the SS. mai waifu is in the center

  • Dary16

    Before I comment for the first time in this website, firstly I shall introduce myself.
    My name is Dary, and nice to meet you all.
    I was excited about this announcement, I hope that this project will be successful! But I’m still thinking for myself.
    If this project failed, then all fansub who have been involved will be shut down by Sephi…eh Key!
    Is this possible?

    • Rokudaime

      It’s possible, but I really don’t think they’d do that in response to a fanletter from all the Western fans, as that would only serve to give them a bad rumour, make them unpopular, and probably cause them to lose many of the few western buyers they have.

      • Dary16

        BTW I have question:
        Who is the EN translator of Kanon and Planetarian? And why don’t someone invited them to this project? One fansub can’t fight against Visual Arts.

        • Rokudaime

          The “None Directional Translations” team did the translation for Kanon. I believe they’re no longer active these days. I don’t remember who did the translation for Planetarian. Putting that aside; “Fight against Visual Arts”? I think you’re severely misinterpreting the purpose of this project my friend. :-/

          • Dary16

            Whoops! I’m sorry about that words.
            Anyway I’m looking forward for this project.
            I hope that this project will be successful!

    • Rawr

      I think you’d probably agree that people would buy Key Visual Novels if they were translated into English officially and packaged on a CD/DVD. Translations only occur when fans want to play a game no one feels like putting out into English or any other language fans speak.

  • LordMerkadis

    Languages… i wonder when will it be if ever that i’ll see the whole planet talk English.. that would solve a lot if not all language troubles. (btw Eng is not my native lang but nevertheless it’s easy as hell to learn)

    Alas… life is conflict x_x

  • Daberkads

    any chance of little busters being translated to english since the actual anime is out too? just wondering…..

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