Tomoyo After Beta-Testers Selected!

UPDATE: Staff votes have been tallied and decisions have been made!

The following users have been selected as having championed the challenge known as ‘The Imagician’: ‘Dan…‘ and ‘Ilmari‘. While the battle was a very close one, the combined Doki Staff appreciated the works of these individuals the most. I congratulate everyone who submitted an entry into the contest; it was fun looking over them all! Keep an eye on the Doki banners, as non-winning submissions may be featured in the near future.

The complete list of submissions can be found here. For those that are wondering, image number 20 was submitted by ‘Irie Naoki’. Please thank him in the C-Box when you have a chance… ( ¬‿¬)

The winner of the challenge ‘The Viral Outbreak’ could have been won by several people, but ultimately I decided to choose the post submitted by ‘Unravel‘. While viewership is likely lower than the others’, his creative approach left me smiling throughout. Nice job!

The winners of ‘The Detective’ challenges are ‘Elliott’ & ‘Shiro’ for being the first to submit links which met the qualifications put forth in said challenges. Who ever knew Google-fu could be so rewarding?

So that’s that. Once again, thank you for everyone who participated. Those that won a beta-testing slot should join #doki on IRC and post their screen names in the comment section of this post. (Don’t worry, I’ll find you!) For those that missed the cut or didn’t participate in the challenges, don’t despair; the final patch is just over a month away! Now is the time to really start getting excited!

Original Text

Once again: Greetings, Doki Legion! Have you had an adequate amount of time to prepare yourselves? I certainly hope so.

Recruitment for Tomoyo After Beta-Testers has now begun. (Lucky you!) The Beta-Testers will be testing Doki’s complete English patch before its official release on July 20th of this year. Very few spots are available through this offer, so when applying, it is important that you meet the following qualifications:

1) Applicants must have a copy of Tomoyo After ~It’s a wonderful life~ (original limited edition) installed on your computer. A digital copy will not be provided to you.

2) Applicants must be able to complete the entire game within a two week timeframe, make notes throughout for presentation at the end of the testing period, and be prepared to answer questions regarding your review process. Accepted applicants who fail to do so will have their status revoked and will NOT be included in the Translation Team credits.

3) Applicants must have a high level of English competency, preferably, but not limited to, native-speaker status.

4) Accepted applicants will not get paid. Herp-Derp.

5) All applicants must complete a challenge listed below.

That’s right, a challenge! You didn’t think you’d get off the hook by just owning the game and knowing some English, did you? Of course you didn’t. Fortunately, you get to pick your poison:

A) “The Imagician” – In a format similar to that of Doki’s prior banner contests, create a banner image (1,240px × 250px) with Tomoyo as the focus and either ‘Doki’ or ‘Doki VN Department’ also shown. The submitter of the ‘best’ of these (creative, balanced, smooth, etc.) will be briefly interviewed and then selected as a beta-tester.
Achievement Unlocked by ‘Dan…’
Achievement Unlocked by ‘Ilmari’

B) “The Viral Outbreak” – Not much of a drawer/photo editor but still want a unique way to be selected as a beta-tester? Good at getting people’s attention? Then this challenge is for you! Find a way to successfully get the word out that the complete English patch for Tomoyo After will be released on July 20th of this year. How one accomplishes this is up to them. Participants will be judged on both creativity and an entirely arbitrary estimation as to the size of the user base reached. Submissions which appear to be spam or which cause a negative reaction in the target community will be discarded from consideration.
Achievement Unlocked by ‘Unravel’

C) “The Detective” – Not good with images and too timid to advertise the patch release date? So be it; there’s an option for you too. This user must search the expanse of the internet to find a specific Clannad Drama CD, catalog number ‘CLANNAD-0000’, available for sale. The disk can be new or used. Users must link to the page where the item is being sold to be considered, though links to pages where the item is sold out will be ignored. Furthermore, the first person to post a picture of the CD in their possession wins an automatic spot as a beta-tester.
Achievement Unlocked by ‘Elliott’

D) “The Detective II” – That was quick! ^^ Same deal as before, but with catalog number KSLC-0009. BOTH DISKS. ‘Challenge D’ will also be the final addition to this list.
Achievement Unlocked by ‘Shiro’

Proof of challenge completion must be provided in the comment section of this post. You may complete more than one challenge, though if you choose to do so, prior submissions must be linked to. Though it should be obvious to us, please mention in your comment what challenge you are applying for. Finally, have a little fun with it, and remember what you’re playing for!

Winners will be selected within one week’s time. Possibly Sunday. That being said, good luck, Doki Legion!

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