Doki’s VN Division to complete the CLANNAD VN English Translation Project

To the members of the Doki Legion and the worldwide ‘Key’ Kazoku,

It is my utmost pleasure to officially announce the undertaking of an unprecedented project.  At the urging of fans and after careful consideration by the Baka-Tsuki Translation Team led by Polarem, it has been agreed upon that the completion of the CLANNAD Visual Novel English Translation Project, including all remaining translations, editing work, and associated checks, will henceforth be entrusted to Doki’s Visual Novel Division.  It is both an honor and a privilege to serve as the anchor to arguably the most noteworthy VN translation project ever undertaken.

As many of you are no doubt aware, the CLANNAD VN English Translation Project has been underway for years, having been started in 2005 as a one man project and eventually evolving to encompass many noteworthy names in fansubbing.  The effort put fourth by those comprising the “Drama Club / Dango Daikazoku” (演劇部 / だんご大家族) including TheWaffleHouse, Sprocket-Hole Subs, and Baka-Tsuki, has spawned a legion of Clannad fans around the world.  Though these groups’ ultimate effect on Clannad fandom cannot be precisely quantified, one would be hard-pressed to find a larger, equally passionate collection of fans than those of the aforementioned series.  Such fans deserve a final, properly edited, complete translation patch to satisfy their devotion.  That is exactly what they are going to get.

As with Tomoyo After, as well as the prior trustees of the CLANNAD VN Translation Project, the game will not be provided along with the translation patch.  The single task of the Doki VN Division is to develop translations of the utmost quality for the games it works on.  Due to the zeal exuded by the worldwide community in regard to Japanese culture, precise & picturesque translations of associated works, and of Key works in general, anything less than perfection in regard to this undertaking will be deemed unacceptable.  With a highly talented, enthusiastic team in place, and as the final translation project I shall personally oversee, we promise to make every effort to not only produce the preeminent (and first truly complete) Clannad translation patch, but to have it be the gold standard for all such translation projects to follow. Naysayers be warned, you will be eating your words.

Thus far, invitations to work on the project have already been accepted by some specific, talented individuals who have shown an interest in the project’s success. While the size and capabilities of the VN Team are plenty sufficient to complete the work expected of them, they could always use some additional help. Holo encourages anyone able and willing to translate or do editing (text, photoshop, video, quality check) to stop by #doki-recruits and send him a message at If you have significant time constraints or feel your work ethic is inadequate to maintain a set schedule, I would suggest that you instead support Doki through your words of thanks. The support received by the community is noted and is a significant driving force for why the VN Team (as well as the rest of Doki’s Staff) contributes their time toward causes they find worthwhile. As always, I personally appreciate your support and thank everyone who has offered encouragement to us.

Be prepared, Clannad fans.  Swan songs are always the sweetest.

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  • Rokudaime

    Also for anyone interested, Amaterasu Translations have finished their English patch of KEY’s latest game, Rewrite: If you’re going to grab their patch, make sure to at least leave them with a small word of appreciation in the comments.

  • cupcakes~

    Hi! I am here to report an error (or at least I believe it is an error), but it is a good error! I found a store online selling the original edition of Clannad, so i bought it. When I began to install it though, i realized it was the ME edition of clannad. I contacted the store and they are giving me a refund, but they were unable to find the right copy to give me (so i did not loss anything :D).

    I knew the english patch did not work for the ME version, but I had the game of my computer, so i figured why not test it out? I installed the patch for the origanal virsion and was supprised to find that the game worked. there are a few errors in game play (like the text appers on on top of the screen, insted of the bottom), but for the most part i am able to play the game without any problems.

    I dont know if this is normal or not, but i figured i should share this info with you.


    • Rokudaime

      Are you sure you’re not just using the Full-Voice version of the game, as opposed to the Regular version? Because both are compatible with the current patch. 😉 If it really is the ME version though, well, I don’t really know. The current patch is the one from Baka-Tsuki after all, and is not made by Doki. We haven’t really starting working on a new patch yet, or testing the current one, since we’re busy working on Tomoyo After and Little Busters. Keep in mind that the current version WILL have errors in translation, as well as missing translation, in certain places, and there are bugs as well. You’ll have to wait until a future release for a perfect patch.

      • cupcakes~

        I am pretty sure it is the ME version, because i said ME when i installed it and the store agree that it was the ME version. I cant read the cover, but i am pretty sure. I dont mind waitting, but for now i think i will keep messing with this version. the errors are not too bad, and that game is great so far so i dont really mind. Any ways, i hope this info can help you in some way or another, and have a nice day 🙂

  • Sheo

    Good luck with the traslation from Italy!
    I’m looking forward to it! ^^

  • Sheo

    I’m looking forward to these too XD

  • Anderdkn

    One thing, in vndb I found there’s an partial patch, but idk if the patch is good or has the Tomoyo patch (can go only that to play the Tomoyo after too).
    Anyone has info about that?

    Good luck with the project!

    • Rokudaime

      Not sure if I understand all of your message correctly, but…The Tomoyo After patch and the Clannad patch are seperate, and so are the two games. So the Clannad patch cannot be used to patch Tomoyo After, and the Tomoyo After patch cannot be used to patch Clannad.

      As for the Clannad partial patch, it’s made by Baka-Tsuki, not us, and while it is mostly good, it has some issues, and the After Story section is quite lacking when using that patch. I would wait for the final release from Doki if you want a complete patch.

      And thanks for your support. 😉

      • Anderdkn

        Hm…I see.
        Well, my question was if the partial patch at least cover the Tomoyo route for me to play Clannad and get the Tomoyo After after.
        But, yeah, it’ll probably more safe to wait for your version(corrected tld parts and After Story completed).
        Maybe I’ll get some problems if the partial patch has issues.

  • JbstormburstADV

    Hey guys. Since usually whenever I end up around here, something big happens, I’m curious how progress is going on the CLANNAD translation. Anything you can particularly mention?

    • Work is underway! New routes have been assigned and are under review. Image text has been isolated and is being translated for editing. Work on the OP has also been assigned.

      I suspect there will be an update post from the VN Dept soon. Can’t say for certain though.

  • Huouin Kyouma! MAD SCIENTIST!!

    I remember that I played through CLANNAD once, voices and everything. What exactly about the patch is partial?

    • Rokudaime

      The Baka-Tsuki patch that you’ve used has some translation errors and issues here and there, especially in the After Story portion of the game.

  • Monika

    I just bought the Clannad game, and i’m not sure which Patch I should download. Please help!

  • Parker

    I can’t even find out where to download this game! Searched forever!

    • Rokudaime

      We don’t support piracy, so I’m afraid I can’t help you with that. But there’ nothing stopping you from asking people (that aren’t staff) in the cbox or on IRC. Anyway, the game is already easy enough to find. Granted I knew of several places beforehand, but I tested it, and it took me one Google search to find it…Just one attempt, and the top result was even the correct one as well…So you’re really doing something wrong if you’ve searched forever without finding it…

  • Jason

    I have too many questions! But first, thank you so much for all the work you are putting into bringing this incredible story into our lives!

    Is there a way I can get involved to help as well? I’ve never done anything like this, so I don’t know what I can do. But I’d love to contribute however much I can.

    I’m learning Japanese, though I’m not very good yet. Is there a way I could edit or combine seen.txt files? I would love to be able to read and hear the characters voices in Japanese while also being able to have the English text too. I could learn so much!

    Would this be as simple as a script to combine equivalent tags for each seen?

    • Jason

      Oops, I meant “equivalent tags for each seen”

      I forgot that would get striped as an html tag.

    • Rokudaime

      Doki had a recruitment drive for editors some time ago, and that included members for the VN section, so I don’t think they are in need of any, but if you’re serious about it, I suppose I can ask the team if they want/would be willing to have any more help. In any case, you would probably have to go through a test of some sort first, to see if your skills are up to the task.

  • Rokudaime


    All questions, observations, or general posts related to Clannad should be posted here from now on:

    I will no longer be monitoring activity in this thread, and comments will probably be closed some time in the near future.

  • luis

    I downloaded clannad mitsumi mamoru sakamichi de joukan iso (japan) but I dont understand japanese.what english patch should I get?

  • Mike

    So, I’ve been looking and looking for a patch and It seems that you guys are pretty good at this, just wondering ¿is the patch out yet? the only problem I’ve had is that during the Fuuko route while helping with the Starfish carvings everytime Nagisa or someone calls out “Tomoya” something else appaears as “No valid string make a ticket” or something and Nagisa’s name does not come out, I haven’t finished the game yet but it’s kinda bugging me out this problem right here, so yeah just wondering or if you had by any chance another patch out there, It’ll be great!

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