Notice: About DDLs

Unless you have been living under a rock in the last two weeks, it won’t have escaped your attention that Megaupload got pwned by the Feds, and as a result, file hosting services have been falling like dominoes all over the internet. Fileserve no longer pay, and our account on there have been disabled for violation of T&C (lol). Filesonic commited suicide by stopping their sharing services. Your files can only be accessed by yourself only, now.

So anyway, I will think about how to proceed from here. For a week or so, we will not have any DDLs.

We will either have to find another file hosting service, drop a server, use ads, or increase donations (which I don’t really want to do).

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  • John Anwar

    Hello, with most DDL dead, so is there any chance torrent going dead too?

    just if, if torrent still hav bright future, plz give me recommended for good seed box. cheap and fast >.<


    • No.

      You want a seed box, you do the work.

      • noodle

        how about adding .m@gnet support as others are moving this direction, and it do not require tr@ckers.?

      • John Anwar

        hehe ok. just bought and try set remote program and ftp. it work.

        btw, if i get your torrent to my seedbox.
        then i after finish download, i keep the files in seedbox. does this mean i help seed to other people need or not?

        sorry for weird question, bcoz i still new in seedbox and cant find any in any seedbox wiki.


      • LostLogia4

        Dediseedbox fits your description. That said, they will kick you out the instant you try to seed public trackers. (I tried it once and got bagged, good thing they refunded)
        You can use it do download from public tracker, but that’s it. I suggest you find an open VPN or buy BTguard if you wanna seed.
        If you use Internet cafe and wanna seed them, make a lil’ research at BakaBT Top uploaders has reputable seedboxes backing them.

  • Marcos

    What a drag. The things are happening so fast. There’s any chance that everything come back to normal again? What can we do about this? I hope there’s a light at the end of this tunnel.

  • Freedom Kira

    I heard that Rapidshare is not going down anytime soon, since they are based in Europe and have been declared legal there several times. No guarantees though, like with pretty much every file hoster.

  • Alexy

    As others suggested Rapidshare is a pretty good option… I used it many times in the past and it’s ok… don’t know about their bonuses but you should give it a look… personally I hadn’t used/been to their site for about 5 months or so.

  • an

    excuses, doki just want monies from affiliation program gave by fileserve. <– is totally free to host dedicated for japanese anime shows, seriously 5 of the fansubs that im monitoring on for latest release, uses maikuando for their DDL.

    • We have never made any secret of the fact we used FS for “monies” (seriously learn English).

      It’s openly posted on our donation page and clearly stated what it was used for.

      Having said that, we already offer free DDLs. It’s called XDCC and it’s available for anyone who bothers to learn how to use it.

    • Shut up, idiot. I bet u still doting ur parents.

    • LostLogia4

      Still, 2 channel is better than one, right? Then again, it’s up to Doki’s staff though.

    • eternia

      People need ‘dough’ in order to run a website, you jerk.
      Moreover fansubbing, it needs a lot of time and dedication.

      I suggest putting advertisement?
      I would turn off my ad blocker for this website in case of that. Hehe.

  • milek

    try using rapidshare for ddl

  • Walla-kebab

    Why do people use DDL anyway? I don’t many advantages of it over torrents. Torrents rely on seeders yes, so older series can sometimes not be seeded, but I’ve never found I’ve had an issue if I look around enough. With new series it’s not a problem and they all download quickly, so what’s the issue here?

    If you want old series? Anything on Doki, or the current troupe of fansubbing sites, is all on torrents or bots, so I’m assuming you’re meaning the older crowd (I’m thinking ED, A4E, KAA and the like), then you’ll generally find SOMEONE seeding, if you’re not in a rush, but those weren’t uploaded to DDL sites anyway so there is little difference.

    All this being said, I do sometimes get some files from DDLs but never anime. I just don’t see the point, when I can let my torrent client do everything for me.

    • Walla-kebab

      Other than the financial gains that DDLs can give that helps you guys for server costs/coffee for late nights.

    • Onanymouse

      I don’t know what reasons other people have, but I prefer DDL because I’d like to start watching as I download. Impossible with torrents. Of course XDCC is even better in this regard, and I’m glad Doki operates so many fast bots.

      For things other than anime fansubs and open source software though, using torrents is just plain dangerous.

      • anonymous 0.0

        My general download time on a released torrent is around 3 minutes. I don’t know about your time but if u go to the bathroom or make something to eat it’ll be downloaded by the time u get back to your computer so i don’t see the nee to watch while you download.

        • Rokudaime

          While I only use torrents, and don’t feel the need to watch them as I download, I do feel the need to point out to you that not everybody has a Godly internet connection speed. -_- It can take hours, and it can take days for me to download stuff, depending on how big the files are. Of course, this refers to batches or movies. Regular single episodes don’t take me that long either.

      • Virtual_BS

        Some torrent clients can download/stream files sequentially (like DDL does). Also, torrents often dl faster than the watching time, making using the above option possible.

  • Jakeman95

    It makes me LOL that people say “Oh, I can’t get older series now that DDLs are gone!”. Funny story about this is that the older series you are trying to get were fansubbed before the DDL option was feasible so likely those old animes wouldn’t have a DDL anyway.

    On top of that, there are many places you can still get them. I’ve never had a problem finding an anime if you actually spend some time searching for it. Last hope is you can get on IRC and use fserves if an XDCC bot doesn’t have it (most fserves are ran by home users so won’t be as fast, but are more likely to contain older stuff). Or, even then, ask someone in an anime related rizon channel. They may have it, you just never know.

    Also, to get around an ISPs block use a proxy for the rizon connection, use a secure connection, or connect to one of the servers directly (tis what I do on my phone to get on). It’s not that you are unable to, its you are too lazy to find a way in may cases. And for the people saying they can’t cause their ISP says no: well, you were already downloading “illegal’ material… now your afraid to break another restriction?

    • Rokudaime

      Indeed. And people, there are a TON of Anime-DDL sites that the FBI and others don’t know or care about. They target the general DDL sites. Anime-DDL seems unnaffected.

  • Nick20050

    torrents are still good but deposit file is still going strong so we can use them if we want.

  • Nick20050

    well i don’t think the senate is going to agree on the new law cause even the President of the USA is against it which usually means most people are not agreeing with it. Now people know why I hate the FBI Glory hogging Duche bags. You wont see this happen with NCIS or the CIA. That is why nobody like the FBI.

  • FU

    Rapidshare was declared legal several times here in Germany, so the US feds can suck ****
    The only thing they can do is delete the files at Rapidshare, so you have to reupload it

  • cloudsora

    It’s a rare day when I use DDL for anything anymore I can destroy the speeds of any DDL with my torrents.

  • Mayan-emperor

    Use, best option for japanese content, reliable service and most importantly is the service hentai/anime is using the most in this hard times, this will make it easier for the user as is the service most will use now.

    Pay in euros and while shave downloads as it does not tell you which country downloads are coming from, is the best option for now.

    • himie

      They blocked all U.S. ip addresses

      • Relgoshan


        That’s funny, they couldn’t keep me out. It comes from dealing with all the Japanese artists who began blocking western visitors.

    • guest1

      if they block USA IPs just learn how to use a different IP to access the website, seriously people need to stop complaining and start looking for alternative ways of doing theyr stuff

      • himie

        If most people don’t even know how to use irc/xdcc do you really expect them to know how to use a proxy/vpn?

        • guest1

          only very stupid people cant use XDCC
          only lazy people cant use proxys

          • Rokudaime

            You basically just called the majority of the world’s population lazy and stupid. I think you need to get off your high horse. Not to mention you’re wrong.

          • anonymous 0.0

            Most people that don’t know how to use XDCC or proxys is because they never had any need to learn it because their torrents or DDL worked fine for everything or never got ip banned form sites or games. You don’t know what you don’t use so most people don’t know what XDCC is or what a proxy is that is why they ask, not because they are lazy.
            Don’t get me wrong, there are lazy people who read a IRC guide and quit the moment they see the amount of text it has.

          • guest1

            @Rokudaime: with the amount of guides of how to set up IRC to download files (doki has one of the easiest to follow i have ever seen) i must say again that only very stupid people cant use it;
            about the VPNs i said lazy because they require time to set up properly and the guides sometimes arent easy to follow.

          • Rokudaime

            Again, no. It doesn’t matter if the guides for setting up IRC to download files is good, since you still need to know how to use IRC before that; and do you have any idea how many people there are that don’t know how to use IRC? Defenitely the larger crowd I’d say. And I read that guide, and it just left me profoundly confused. And I’m not stupid. I still don’t know how to use IRC to this day, and I probably never will. Not that I have any use for it, so that’s fine.

          • guest1

            “…since you still need to know how to use IRC before that…”
            They also exlain how to use it so your argument is invalid.
            Just in case you followed any other guide doki has and idk about -> <- is the one i was refering to

          • Rokudaime

            You’re pretty damn stubborn aren’t you…well, no matter what, I’m not going to say that you are correct, and that anyone who can’t use IRC is stupid, because it’s just not true.

          • martinez

            it’s not a matter of stupid or not. It just people want to learn or not.

            case closed.

  • SentinelKing777

    Hey? What about Bayfiles? I just tested of it. It’s not that bad. I really like it.

  • I’m so glad I learnt how to use XDCC. It’s so convenient and easy to use.

    You could always MediaFire, but they don’t pay for uploading stuff, so I suppose that’s not an option.

  • animeaddict

    most sites have limited downloads to user’s that uploaded them or have just deleted files.

    best option ive found lately is mediafire

  • I think that isnt a option… I think this is russian…

  • anonymous 0.0

    Worst case scenario you can just use or similar sites that redirect you to mediafire or the torrent. It’s only 5 seconds anyway and if u have adblock on you’ll just see a white page with a blue bar counting down.

  • bob barker

    Just pointing out some sites people may not even be able to access at all.

    Extabit = trash captcha doesn’t function to well; ergo cannot download files.
    RapidShit…share= won’t even allow site access. Do to all the scripting and ads.

    I’m pointing these out in particular to make a point. Having to shut off security features to use these sites is not even a consideration for me. It shouldn’t be for anyone for that matter. But I mention it so that people hopefully will NOT use them.

    Try FileFactory or something simplified if to use anything at all. At least the basic upload/download can be used without all the garbage and hoops to jump through.

  • something

    File factory is still giving money for downloads.

  • Croswerf

    maybe you could get some money with flattr, you could make a little button on one side off your site or under every release.

  • Alexy

    Some say fileserve is back and running like it used to… is that a fact?

    • JackRav

      I DL’ed a file from there a couple of days ago, to my surprise. So there doesn’t seem to be the level of restrictions there were at the beginning…if any at all, of course.

  • Ouefocoque

    Looks like Fileserve has lifted the sharing ban as i could now access previously blocked files.. lets hope it’s permanent.

  • SkyOtaku

    Why doesn’t anyone use Usenet? and Newsbin Pro work just fine for me. I get max download speed and can find just about anything I want including stuff from Doki. alt.binaries.multimedia.anime.highspeed has just about everything and hundreds are added every day.

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