C - The Money of Soul and Possibility Control - Batches

C – The Money of Soul and Possibility Control – Batches

And here’s your batches. Pretty sad to see this one go. Been working on it from episode 1 back when it was airing.

Hope you enjoy/enjoyed your C!


  • Episode 1 (All): Typo. Patchable.
  • Episode 11 (All): Typo. Patchable.
  • Episode 11 (1080p): Encoding Error. Patchable.

480p Patches | 720p Patches | 1080p Patches

See how to apply a patch here.

1080p: C – The Money of Soul and Possibility Control (2011) [Doki][1920×1080 Hi10P BD FLAC]


720p: C – The Money of Soul and Possibility Control (2011) [Doki][1280×720 h264 BD AAC]


480p: C – The Money of Soul and Possibility Control (2011) [Doki][848×480 h264 BD AAC]


60 comments to C – The Money of Soul and Possibility Control – Batches

  • ChRno

    Thanks a bunch guys! 🙂

  • Myfistus

    Thanks a lot Dys, been waiting for this!

  • Goshtic

    Getting a error when trying to patch up 1080p Episode 1.

    “xdelta3: target window checksum mismatch: XD3_INVALID_INPUT”

    Episode 11 patched fine, tho.

  • Rokudaime

    To all British people at Doki: You guys should organize a meet-up sometime or something! ;D I’m going to York for 5 months come january, to study as an exchange student, and I’ve been thinkin’ how fun and awesome it would be to meet some of you guys! ^^

    • Me

      I would imagine that being too much hassle for some, as I think the British staff live in random parts of England, I know Holo said to me he was from London and another staff member Scunthorpe? I believe.

      Anyway Rokudaime you’re going to hate the British weather, it’s cold, horrible and cold, be prepared for minue 5 – 10 celcius temps in Jan at night lol

      • Rokudaime

        Hahahahaha! Sorry man, but I’m Norwegian! From the northern parts of Norway. ; D Puny little cold temperatures like that don’t faze me. ^^

        • Me

          Lol, I hate the brutally cold evenings when you’re sat online like say 11pm freezing your butt off, it’s horrible.

          Anyway good luck with your stay in England, it’l be much different to what you’re used too no doubt. Speaking of which, you should probably shop in some of the 99p/poundland stores for random things, as you’d save money over the big supermarkets here. 99p stores sell 6 packs of Pepsi for example.

          You also need to expect the snow when it comes, typically we get a month or twos worth early in the year.

          • Me

            Basically get a portable heater for the late night Rokudaime. Saves money if anything.

          • Rokudaime

            Kk. Noted, thanks, but I’l be crashing in someone else’s home, so I won’t need to worry about heating. ; ) Also, while the snow is exceptionally late here this year, and the temperature is much higher than usual (global warming I guess…), it usually arrives at the end of November/beginning of Desember over here, and stays there until the end of April. Spring starts in May (in the south of Norway it comes much earlier though). Temperatures are around the same as those you mentioned, but in the northernmost areas of Norway, minus 30 degrees celsius are not uncommon. It’s also very windy here, and pitch dark most of the day in Desember and January. Really, your climate is the last thing I’m worried about. ; )

          • Me

            Sure. Snow is really random here though lol. Many parts north of England and Yorkshire had quite a lot recently.

            Good that you have a place to stay mind you, should make things easier, just as noted it’s expensive to run the central heating late at night too so portable heaters are a must

            Anyway Norway sounds like a fun place, never been before either lol

            Speaking of pitch dark, many councils in England turn off the street lights at midnight, don’t be surprised if you look outside and your street is pitch black. Kinda creepy here as I live on a smallish street in a nice area. Just so dark 😛

          • Rokudaime

            There’s only one real reason to go to Norway, and that is to see the stunning nature we’ve got. Lots of mountains, vast, wild forests, fjords (including one that was declared the world’s best travel destination by National Geographic, TWICE!), a couple of large icebergs/glaciers, the world’s biggest and most powerful maelstrom (very powerful ocean whirlpools. This particular one is called “Saltstraumen”, which translates to “Salt current”, and is rather dangerous when it is at its strongest…), and, if you go north at the right time of year, Aurora Borealis (northern lights), and our famous midnight sun. If you have no interest in nature though, there’s not much else of interest in Norway, in my humble oppinion.

          • Me

            Sounds fun, I love nature and things like that.

    • Dys

      Some of us are a small sea too far away.

  • Glens

    I, for one , lives in Indonesia too . I wish I could go somewhere , somewhere not here

    • Rokudaime

      So, Indonesia is not that great a place to live then? :-/

      • Index

        internet suck here 😛

        but almost everything cheap here

      • Hooba

        I guess I’m quite lucky as I’ve stayed in India, Indonesia and England [for 5 yrs min each] and I have to say, each country has its own charm:

        Indonesia – The lovely climate, especially in the mountains and the wonderful natural scenery. And you get cheap stuff, lol.

        For England and India, I guess don’t have to elaborate.

        Anime culture is quite popular in these countries [well maybe not sooo much in India].

      • Me


        I doubt it’s to do with him disliking his country but more in a way the fact he likely knows if he moved to somewhere like America/England he would be able to earn more money/have a better quality of life. In quite a few countries people don’t get paid as much as they deserve, as in less than say a minimun wage in US/UK. It’s horrible to hear about that stuff but it explains why people move to richer countries to make a new/better life for themselves.

  • This.

    my home internet takes estimated 3+ day to download a 7.5GB file, at FULL speed


    granted ,it’s a nice place to live . I just need fast and cheap internet and I’ll be content 😀

  • .. and by somewhere not here , means I want a change of scenery you know ? maybe a couple of years in Japan , China , Hong kong,Singapore etc. would do . It’d be great not to be stuck here for eternity . but in the end I will probably come back . I’ve made too many friends,memory and connection to just leave it. and I just can’t leave my Church . It’s my second home 😀

    and I’m still a High school student btw 🙂

  • Glens

    Hey , don’t get the wrong idea here- I don’t watch it ! hahaha , I only recently got into persona 4, and I don’t download the other releases because of slow internet (In fact , persona 4 introduced me to the fansub scene , previously I don’t even know about fansub 😀 ) . I’m just browsing around the comment and felt like joining in because there’s another from Indonesia here 🙂

    anyway , matters aside , Does some group out there actually releases the official sub of an anime ? (I mean their official DVD releases , ripping it and stuff) . All I see is fansub , and I don’t actually know if DVD/Bluray releases from japan include english sub or not. do they ?
    because I prefer the Official sub (If available) .
    If not , I’ll stop searching and settle to fansub instead . there’s rumor floating around about fansubs tend to have error in their translation .. and I’m looking for the most accurate translation possible so ..

    and I’m actually skeptical about those pirated DVD that sells like peanut in here . I can’t tell if what they sell is a direct copy from the official DVD releases or just taken from a fansub group and sell it (I suspect the latter ) . If what they sell is just the fansub .. I’ll just download it instead . not worth the money :/

  • JackRipper

    Hi guys, first, thanks for the hard work
    I’d like to download C (yeah, the one on this page) but the torrent has like… 5 seeds and it’ll last a lot like that, wonder if you could reseed this anime…
    Thanks, and BTW i’m also seeding Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka, so i’m not only a leecher.

  • JackRipper

    C the money of soul and possibility control.

    1080p: C – The Money of Soul and Possibility Control (2011) [Doki][1920×1080 Hi10P BD FLAC]- Torrent

    thanks for the quick reply.

  • JackRipper

    Ohh yeah, and i almost forgot… is the torrent version patched?

  • JackRipper

    Done! thanks guys, i’ll try to keep seeding!

  • Dominique

    What is the difference between this version and Zurako’s version. Can anyone enlighten me? thank you and waiting for your reply

  • O

    The patches are no longer available, would it be possible to re-host them or provide new patched batches?

  • Rebecca

    hey ummm i torrented the first three eps on the batch (720p) and was wondering why Msyu’s name was typed/translated into Mashyu instead. Cuz her name was on da Midas Card…so yeah was just wondering

  • voltageee

    Not sure if it’s just me, but I seem to have very slow/no download speed. Maybe in need of a reseed? (720p version) Thanks!

  • lalalili

    need seed for 1080p pls (_ _)

  • Dr. E

    hello, need seed for 480p pls tnx

  • Dev

    is this dubbed?
    Dual audio ..??

  • guest12

    No its not Japanese dub English sub.

    I got a question too : We don’t need to apply patch if we download batch(1080P) right? Because i couldn’t do it then i relaized 1. and 11. episodes’ files named as “V2 at their and” , so i guess they are already patched.

  • Sanzo

    hello I wonder if you would have a patch for vostfr anime thank you
    i like this anime but I can not find it in vostfr …

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