Guilty Crown – 10

Guilty Crown - 10

Err… yeah. Good episode and whatnot. Excuse me while I go pick up my jaw.


HD: [Doki] Guilty Crown – 10 (1280×720 h264 AAC) [41E9A12B].mkv


SD: [Doki] Guilty Crown – 10 (848×480 h264 AAC) [7F702C03].mkv


52 comments to Guilty Crown – 10

  • Elvin21

    Just in time to check if there’s a new release! Thanks!

  • Nienor

    Thanks, awesome episode <3

  • Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer

    Still no Idols – me and Santa will have a very sad Christmas

  • Tyler

    Awesome, thanks!

    Are you guys going to be subbing/releasing the opening’s PV?

  • Nimja1

    Great Ep thanks again doki but still no goddamn clear cut answers right up to the last. God I hate and love shows like this so much.

  • Nathan

    AWW YEAH! 😀 Next GC, i’m really enjoying this anime. You guys are awesome!

  • AnimeAddict

    Gonna love this episode

  • Pawprint

    Jebus, big-boobed fifth-wheel never-gonna-get-him chick, you had your chance and BLEW IT!

    A decent amount of Inori goodness and a small but smokin’ amount of Tsugumi. Dunno why Dys felt this ep was “jaw-dropping”; nothing really got revealed.

  • Huh

    Thanks for the release! This development seems kinda rushed though…like they just dove straight into the “hero’s fall” without enough pretext for it but w/e. About time for Shu to stop being such a whiny little bitch.

    Oh and also, I LOVE the OP! xD

  • A. Crush

    Ugh, again with the whiny male lead who everything depends on. A dead horse the people who make this kind of anime don’t seem tired of beating.

    Inori’s new outfit was pretty cute though.

  • Kosh

    Love the ep, thank you for the release 🙂

    When I saw this, all I could think of was, “Reminds me of Xenosaga…”

    But in a good way 🙂
    (I really wish that Monolith Soft could’ve gone the full 6 games in the series they had originally planned on, *sigh*)

    My jaw dropped when it came to this episode too (for the level of what was going on, to have actually gone on… the people of the Guilty Crown world are pretty screwed. I don’t see how things are going to get any better after watching this ep)

    • Rokudaime

      Who says they’ve stopped? Xenoblade Chronicles isn’t that old yet. ; )

      • Kosh

        Thank you for the info, Rokudaime.

        I saw the wiki for Xenoblade Chronicles, and when I saw the links at the bottom linking to Xenogears and Xenosaga, I’m really interested in it.

        But the wiki doesn’t clearly (unless I missed something?) explain how it ties in, could you clarify for me, please? (not doubting you, just been hoping for a Xeno-anything for awhile now, and it’s got me excited)

        • Rokudaime

          I’d love to, but actually, I’m afraid I can’t, since I don’t know myself. ^^’ I haven’t played the other Xeno games. Xenoblade Chronicles is my first. But anyway, even if it doesn’t tie in to the other games, it’s made by Monolith, and the game has gotten stellar reviews ( ), and I can personally vouch for the fact that it is a great game (although I’m only 50 hours in, and the game is a huge 300+ hour game). So, since you like the series, this is a must-play for you regardless, I guarantee it. ; )

      • yubisakimilktea(shiki)

        wish i could play xenoblade, but im not buying a wii for a single game (again)

        • Rokudaime

          Ye, I see where you’re coming from. The Wii is mostly good for Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, and Rayman. Not much else. Apart from Xenoblade Chronicles. I’m a Mario and Zelda addict though, so I have to have one. Then again, I have all 3 consoles anyway. ; )

  • There’s a mistake in the opening:
    Kanji: 誰かが君のこと嘘つきと呼んで
    Romaji: dareka ga kimo no koto wo usotsuki to yonde
    Time: 01:54 @ episode 10 (mistake is also in episode 9)
    As you can see in the romaji is a wo and in the kanji it is missing.

  • EPCF

    hey, is there a link i’m missing or has episode 11 just not been put up yet? while i can get it from other sites that have it up by friday i enjoy doki’s quality, so i am happy to wait for the usual sunday afternoon / monday release of guilty crown, but still no episode? (if it’s the holidays and the subbers are just takeing their time coz of christmas then that’s understandable, just curious is all)

    • Should read release posts more often, they contain updates on other shows.

      • EPCF

        i suck at navigating websites, hense the reason i asked directly on the latest episode out :p i did hwoever click release at the top and all i found was a list of torrents (atleast i think that’s what they were, clicked and got torrent link)

        • I was refering to scrolling down the main page and reading the release posts themselves.

          • EPCF

            hehe i sware i’m missing something 😛 i went to the main page but there’s nothing there about guilty crown’s 11th episode, i really do suck at navigating websites, and i hope what i’m about to say isn’t rude coz i’m not sure if there is even any info there or not, but if you do know the answer to my earlier comment, would it not be easier to just give said answer?

          • No. I like to make people look for it, if it has already been said once 😡

            It’s on the main page, scroll down and read the posts.

  • EPCF

    @ ixlone, ok so final time, i would just like to know if doki is going to continue subbing guilty crown, i cannot for the life of me find it on main page, to be honest i doubt this so called “main page” really exists, it’s a sham i tells you, if you’d like i’ll send you screenshots of everything i do from getting from here to said “main page” and scrolling down it, to prove there’s nout there about guilty crown ep 11+, so, anymore GC from doki? yes? no? whai?

  • EPCF

    sigh.. i honestly was unable to find the posts, and when pointing that out and asking for futher help i get insulting responses like that? really?

    • It was because you didn’t use ur brain, sir!

      • EPCF

        what brain? i did state at the start i’m crap when it comes to computers, and honestly i’ve scrolled through the site over and over and searched and followed given instructions, but on my screen and i’ll say it again for any more people who wish to insult me, ON MY SCREEN, there is nothing else about guilty crown after episode 10, only things before are 1 to 9, may be different for others, but on mine there’s nout, i don’t want this to turn into some argument i just don’t want to be insulted when i really can’t find what i’m being told is right infront of me, to avoid conflict i’ll get my eps from other websites for now, i appriciate the responses however, even if some of them are insulting.

        • even though Ixlone had said that…..

          1. go to

          2. click Ctrl + F, and then type “guilty”

          • EPCF

            just thought of a way to solve this , i beleive my original comment has been a little missunderstood or maybe i didn’t word it right, i was basickly asking why doki doesn’t have episode 11 up, or atleast i’m not seeing episode 11, while i’ve already watched it from another site i was wondering if doki are going to get it up and future eps, so, to resolve all of this, could someone give me a direct link to episode 11, if that’s not possible coz ep 11 isn’t up, then the other part of my question was curiocity as to why.

          • alright, alright. i’m getting tired of this.

            They haven’t release eps 11 yet.
            so stop asking it. it starts to annoy us. people have lives. they won’t in front of computer 24 hours each day

  • EPCF

    thankyou inex, that’s all i wanted to know, as i said i think my original statement was bent and twisted a little bit, i was getting frustrated because i couldn’t find it, while i thought every1 else could, 😛

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