Iblard Jikan (Blu-Ray)

Iblard Jikan

Felt like doing this, so I did.

*Waits for first post asking why th…*

1080p: [Doki] Iblard Jikan (1920×1080 Hi10P BD FLAC) [7DD1EE83].mkv


720p: [Doki] Iblard Jikan (1280×720 Hi10P BD FLAC) [30701448].mkv


480p: [Doki] Iblard Jikan (848×480 h264 BD AAC) [FF2C221C].mkv


96 comments to Iblard Jikan (Blu-Ray)

  • nagato

    What happened to the 8bit for 720p policy? :/

    • Me

      This isn’t a TV show. And generally speaking Ixlone can encode however he wants, he’s a Doki boss too!

      • nagato

        “TV will remain as is, HD and SD h264. Blu-Ray 1080p is Hi10P, 720p and 480p is h264.”

        And yeah I know they can change it if they want, I was just asking if they’re sticking to it for this one. Seems pointless to have a 10-bit 720p anyway now that the people who want that top quality have 1080p.

  • Elvin21

    Thanks! Just wondering, how a proposed plan becomes a policy?…

  • Relgoshan

    Bah. I finally got a fast laptop. HP dv6z-6135dx refurb available from newegg and tigerdirect. Overclocked the A8 to 2.7/3.0GHz, fast enough to downscale/recode an episode in the background while watching it so I have a lesser version for phone/netbook.

    I still maintain that Hi10-720p is irritating at this time, and probably the 1080p should be available in both normal and Hi10 for the time being.

  • Paul

    Brilliant! Another anime film. The last Studio Ghibli you did was wonderful. Is there any likelyhood of more Ghibli? What a lot of moaners people can be. I don’t think I have seen one “happy” comment yet. Hey ho… Oh, and merry Xmas. I watch Anime on my laptop, because I can’t afford a big telly.

  • Paul

    Please, do keep the 1080 encodes, I for one am happy.

  • dingbat

    This is the largest (file size) screen saver ever! of course that also makes it the best. thanks.

  • person

    I feel that the translation quality is somewhat poor for this release.

  • Frediloc

    Wow, that screenshot. Colorgasm.

  • bob barker

    The group/person can do it the way he/they want. It sucks if you cannot use it. I would pass it by anyway. But If I wanted it. I’d have to find it in 8bit as well.

    Regarding the bickering. Everyone telling the people that do not or will not use 10bit. You are a moron. Stop belittling those 8bit people.

    The whole planet is not you. They do not all have the things you have. They do not all think like you. So stop being pompous, telling people what magic you can pull out of your ass with beta software, regardless of how stable it may be for YOU. This doesn’t make everyone the same.

    I appreciate the freebies. So if the folks that made the show happen for us, reads this. Thank you for it. Much fun and good times from Doki. =)

    • Rokudaime

      Ye…I have this one, but it’s so ridicilously huge, I can never seem to bring myself to go through it. >_< It's full of awesome, but it's also full of crap, so I don't want to keep all 13,5 gigs of it. -_-…

  • TugaFan

    This 8-bit/10-bit talk are going too far. Is the enconder decision to chose what he likes.

    In the post there are very important frase – “Felt like doing this, so I did”. And the encoder do it the way he liked.
    If we can´t use 10-bit, there are the 480p.

    I like the proposed plans:
    TV will remain as is, HD and SD h264.
    Blu-Ray 1080p is Hi10P, 720p and 480p is h264.

    I can’t use 10-bit in my media player.
    I hope you guys keep the 8-bit 720p releases.
    But in the end of the day is the encoder and the group decision.

    Thanks Ixlone and all the Doki staff for the release.

  • Oddone2

    Actually, when bob wrote:
    Everyone telling the people that do not or will not use 10bit. You are a moron.
    I think he meant to write:
    Everyone telling the people that do not or will not use 10bit, “You are a moron.”
    I took him to be talking about the 10-bit users who call the 8-bit only users morons.
    While I am a 10-bit user myself, I can understand that, for whatever reason some might not be able to use it.

    On topic for the thread: Was the dialogue between 4:48 and 5:03 too inaudible to make out any sort of translation, or is it just gibberish?

    • The little girl scene I assume? Could hear something but I didn’t deem it worth subbing.

      I’d sooner not ruin the scene with a random sub snippet either way.

    • Relgoshan

      Good thing I’m overclocked. The CPU load is INTENSE. No DXVA for Hi10, so I go from 0% CPU for TWO 8-bit 1080p streams, to >50% CPU for ONE Hi10 1080p stream. Although much of that is due to crazy levels of detail in the scenery, and most Hi10 uses more like 20% tops.

    • Me

      Oh okay. I’m just not a fan of people who use personal attacks for no reason, regardless of the context.

  • bob barker

    I think my point is still valid across most sites regarding the 8-10bit topic. Either way I appreciate the work done for nothing.

    It is not personal. You only seem to think this. As you keep referring to yourself. I don’t even know what you mentioned if anything at all in this thread. I only scrolled down and found random flames about 8bit users. It is all very silly and I find it annoying it is argued like wealthy against poor. Oh well =/

  • Martyr

    why is all i see a green screen when i try to watch this?

  • Dara

    Please seed. I’m actually getting almost nothing download rate. It’s been three days…

  • Dara

    Ahw. 720 by the way. Thanks 😀

  • Does not have the commentary track?

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