Iblard Jikan (Blu-Ray)

Iblard Jikan

Felt like doing this, so I did.

*Waits for first post asking why th…*

1080p: [Doki] Iblard Jikan (1920×1080 Hi10P BD FLAC) [7DD1EE83].mkv


720p: [Doki] Iblard Jikan (1280×720 Hi10P BD FLAC) [30701448].mkv


480p: [Doki] Iblard Jikan (848×480 h264 BD AAC) [FF2C221C].mkv


96 comments to Iblard Jikan (Blu-Ray)

  • Krozam

    Already said this in the cbox, but I’m gonna check this out, it sounds like something worth seeing.

  • AF94608x10E7

    I’ll wait for 1080p, I’m sure I will enjoy it!… ^_^

  • prophetique

    why there is no 1080p?

  • M_McCheese

    The incomplete question is probably “why is there no 720p-8 bit?” The answer is: I’ll get this from somewhere else or wait until somebody rips your subs for an 8-bit version. There are several little groups that do nothing but rip subs from hi10P only releases to make 8-bit versions, removing you from the filename and giving you credit for all your hard work only on some obscure webpage. Didn’t anybody learn from your experiences with Dual Audio muxes?
    Oh well.

    It’s nice when it’s about sharing the anime, not about format issues.

      • Jakeman95

        Yo I heard that having a decent computer and staying up-to-date with your codecs is hard work… /goes back to watching 10bit anime on his 1080p projector…

        • shelf

          more pertinently, who the fuck watches anime on their computer? don’t you have a HTPC? hunch over your desk if you like, but there’s no support for Hi10p outside of software decoding. i suppose not everyone is constrained to the basement

          • odinigh

            Who the hell watches anime on shitty HTPC?
            I don’t know about you, but my computer outperforms any HTPC, any day., all I have to do is hook it up to my HDTV, and… what’s this? It’s playing on the big screen.
            Hunched over our desks? learn2 sit properly.
            Hell, if you want 8-bit so bad out of the highest quality format, then run the 10-bit file into 8-bit x264 and stop whining.

            What I can’t stand is people that can’t get 10-bit to work, it’s so damned simple, it’s not even funny.

            I was able to play “Angel Beats! (2010) [Doki][1920×1080 Hi10P BD FLAC]” on my brother’s dual-core LAPTOP with 0 issues, and all I did was install “K-lite mega codec pack”, and it just worked.
            It was a $550 machine, and it plays it all smoothly. He even plays many of the newest PC games on this thing.

          • Jakeman95

            Q) Do I hunch over to watch my anime on a computer?
            A) Well, if you read my whole like 2 sentences you would have saw the “1080p projector” part. The best part of this is the fact that I’m currently laying in bed with a keyboard and mouse and a 9′ (yes, that’s 9 feet) screen to watch anime, play games, and browse the internet on that’s full 1080p.

            Problem) You need money to buy a decent computer!
            Solution) In all honesty, you’re watching (cough*stealing*cough) anime for free… look at all this entertainment your getting without paying anything and then you complain when your hardware can’t play it and you might need to spend some money to buy a $400 computer on newegg…? Best answer to this… get a job.

          • Index

            HTPC is suck. boxie is stupid.

          • Me

            Ironically enough, when I’m browsing torrent websites for the newest Amazing Race ep, or Once Upon a Time or something else I’m interested in, I read comments from people with these weird box things that they use to watch TV stuff on their TVs posting stuff like my thing can’t play this properly, does anyone else have this problem? and random stuff like that.

            Then random PC users say it works fine for me.

            Anyway I gotta make a name sometime, keep forgetting too on here lol

          • Index

            @Me….ofc, because that random box / TV use hardware decoding, and unfortunately, they can’t handle 10-bit video yet.

      • A. Crush

        10-bit sucks still. No native media player support, no hardware decoding, etc. Might be useful in a year or two, but not just yet.

        • Index

          well, w/e ppl say, fansub still loves 10-bit.

        • Me

          My now average computer plays 10 bit just fine with no issues at all, certainly when I went with a friend to pick out her newest computer in a store it can be had for like £250-300 new. And is nothing special at all.

          Point being, unless your computer is dreadful and made out of cogs and gears and stone, resembling something from the stoneage, you should be able to play anything Doki has produced fine 😛

        • odinigh

          Hardware decoding!? What the hell is a CPU?
          GPU decoding? is shit and never should have been produced.
          It’s more than useful as it is right now.

          • A. Crush

            10-bit has to be decoded in software since there is no hardware decoding for it. A CPU is hardware but it’s not decoding, it’s just running the software. GPU decoding works awesome…but only on a select set of GPUs. If you don’t have one of those, yeah, it seems like it sucks.

          • odinigh

            The CPU is running everything. So if the software is needed to decode, and the processor is running the software… Do the math.

        • Break

          when saying “native media player”, do you mean the normal widnows media player thats already pre-installed on windows or what? i eman that doesnt even support mkv files in the first place, be ti 10 or 8 bit..

          • A. Crush

            I mean you can’t just download MPC and get built-in 10-bit decoding. 10-bit will hit it when that happens. Right now you have to add on MadVR and use it for 10-bit, then switch if you want to watch something that’s 8-bit. Then switch again…and again…it gets annoying.

            WMP can play .mkv files with a tweak, but why bother, MPC is better in just about every way.

          • Me

            Personally I use MPC + latest CCCP and can watch 10bit Doki files just fine. Infact Media Player Classic works great with 10 bit.

          • Rokudaime

            Indeed. What Me said. You don’t need MadVR, and you don’t need to switch at all. The newest CCCP, and the version of MPC that comes with it, plays any anime you throw at it just fine, whether 8 bit or 10 bit.

  • Winner

    yeah, it’s called MONEY, GOTTA HAVE IT ALL! (to get a decent computer, idiots.

  • prophetique

    @M_McCheese – you have issues man

  • Goshtic

    Actually, the incomplete question guessed by M_McCheese might highly be correct. Since their original purposed release format should’ve been 8bit for 720p, but they went and done it in 10bit instead.

    Their purposed 1080p releases are what’s only done in 10bit. While everything else remains 8bit.

    I support the keep pushing for 10bit releases, eventually we’ll see proper 3rd party companies making hardware to support 10bit playback and perhaps evenually TVs/Monitors taking the next step to actual 10bit display support.

  • Pitchblack

    Doesn’t it only mean that the highest definition will always be HI10P? =_=

  • potaks

    just asking will you still sub SnQ II and macross frontier movie 2??

  • PB Curious

    Actually – why do this?

    neo1024’s rip at BakaBT is already good enough and well seeded. There is no dialog so no subtitles are needed.

    On the other hand, if you’re going to subtitle the director or staff commentary tracks, that would be something I would definitely appreciate.

    If you do the 1080p, what crf setting will you use?

    • Jakeman95

      I think it was more of a “on a whim” thing… though I could be completely mistaken…

      • PB Curious

        I have no problem with ‘on a whim’.

        I happen to love this particular anime and would love to see more ‘ambience’ type AVs (i.e. video images with sound/music but no dialog).

        But if someone is going to make an effort to encode this, I’d like to have a reason to expend bandwidth on it other than ‘whim’.

        I’d really love a better crf encoding (as close to lossless as I can get) than the one I currently have or subtitles to either or both of the commentary tracks. Really.

        Now THAT would be kewl.

  • mascthemoney

    people complaining about anime fansubs need to shut the fuck up. forever.

  • Marc

    Look, I followed all your directions for Ubuntu to get Hi10P working. You know what I didn’t do? Actually get Hi10P working. It’s not a matter of staying up-to-date, it’s the fact that Hi10P is not widely supported. We’re up-to-date, you’re running in the future and acting like it’s the present.

    Don’t want to release 8-bit for some reason? Fine, that is, after all, your call. But you can’t expect people who can’t get Hi10P working to continue to use your subs.

  • Santa

    Why is there no 720p Version of Idolmaster ?

  • Nathan

    :OOOO GHIBLI 😀 Thanks as always, Doki! <3

  • Guest

    Is onigamiden (Legend of the millenium dragon) going to be released soon? (I know its off topic.)

  • Chris

    I love how all the comments aren’t about the video, and are mostly just people crying about it being 10bit. This has been out for a while. There are plenty of other available 8bit encodes that look great out there.

  • Random User

    For all the people complaining about Hi10P (4:2:0 – 10bits), see this Wikipedia link, there’s still more improved profiles coming out. It won’t be long before we get stuff in the 4:4:4 Profile at 16 bits for regular releases.
    The LAV codec bundled with most codec packs will play Hi10P (and some newer ones too)
    Otherwise, just use the latest mplayer2 or VLC on any operating system.

    My 7-year-old laptop running Shark007 codecs plays 1080p in 10-bits without a problem.

  • I think your screenshot dropped some acid.

  • PB Curious

    Of topic response: “onigamiden” has been out for awhile. You can find it on NYAA.

  • Mr.Anderson

    Waiting on 1080p

  • dan

    Why are you releasing random things when you’re way behind on shows this season? 4/7 are delayed.

  • Another guest

    Legend Of The Millennium Dragon has been out for a few months. 😛

  • Break

    anyways, what exactly is this thing?

    • rurikomai

      The film is 30 minutes long and consists primarily of Naohisa Inoue’s fantasy paintings of the Iblard world. Studio Ghibli digitally animated portions of the paintings and integrated original elements into the scenery. There are 8 separate segments, each featuring a different painting or landscape and instrumental musical piece. The film focuses mostly on static shots of “moving” scenery: Inoue’s paintings digitally altered, so that grass moves in the wind, people walk, etc. There is no dialogue in the film.


  • Warden

    Two seconds in and it should be obvious why this one was done in Hi10P.

    A while back, I followed the instructions Doki linked to at and, though it was a pain to uninstall all my old codecs, et cetera, and the new stuff doesn’t want to support screenshots or frame-by-frame, I can watch Hi10P, and it looks brilliant.

    I actually did it for DmonHiro’s release of Tiger & Bunny, since I hadn’t gotten around to watching the Doki 10-bit stuff yet, and wondered why T&B looked like utter shit… Well, that’s what happens when you try to watch it on the wrong setup. Now it looks gorgeous.

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