Blood-C - 12 [END]

Blood-C – 12 [END]

Done. Effin done. Everything makes sense now. Abso-fucking-lutely sense.

Hate it or love it, deny it as much as you want, but BLOOD-C is one of the best shows this season, at least for us psychos and freaks who got taste. The others being NO.6 and Mawaru-Penguindrum.

If you watch the finale, then you might finally understand what the fuck is going on. Why shit was so slow paced and everything else at first. Do watch it. Allow BLOOD-C to fuck your mind for one last time.

「BLOOD-C Team」
Project Leader: Holo
Translator: rainierus
Editor: Whoever (1), AzureHakua (2-3), datweirdpsycho (4-12)
QC: AzureHakua (4-12)
Encoder: Holo, Kokus
Timer: Holo, masat, BB_96

Special thanks go to:
Thaerin for helping out every week, Mimori for retranslating fishy lines, Dys for offering alternatives and stepping in when Holo was in LOLiland and CLAMP for being the ultimate trolls.

It was fun while it lasted. Thanks for hating (mainly hating) and watching BLOOD-C.


PS. I apologize for the delay. Holo thought it would be fun to eat a whole cow for 10 hours. Also, our capper capped a fucking tennis match instead of BLOOD-C. Yes, a tennis match. Way to troll. MAD.

Doki is now officially recruiting a TL for tennis matches. Please send Holo an email at should you be interested.

Edit: Updated with BD versions.

720p: Blood-C (2011) [Doki][1280×720 Hi10P BD FLAC]

Torrent | XDCC

480p: Blood-C (2011) [Doki][848×480 h264 BD AAC]

Torrent | XDCC

119 comments to Blood-C – 12 [END]

  • Ishfadriel/BOLLEN9

    Oh, great, so when it FINAL get’s some sense and STARTS to show SOME hints of getting good, they’re finished only to have you wait almostly a whole fucking year too see what happens next -.-

    I sure hell hope that movie is gona be worth waiting for…

  • dokidoki

    When will be the batch release? 🙂

  • This wasn’t a bad show, but it didn’t match my expectations. I think i’ll download the BD’s just to see the uncensored scenes.

  • Relgoshan

    Kinda long for a trollollol. Imagine if Hot-Ice Hilda died ten episodes into Bebop, the show ended at 12 and they killed off the franchise with a movie.

  • horus

    I have all the files, including the music/audio stuff (which has some strange file names in it, by the way… some characters showed up as white questions marks on black diamonds, but I digress.)

    I could put together a batch and upload it to nyaa without too much trouble, if that would help. I figured it might be better to ask first, though. Mods, reply via email or right here and I’ll check back.

    Later On,

    • horus

      Hmm… the silence these past couple of days has been deafening. I take it the mere suggestion was a bad idea? Gomen-nasai, mina-sama, if I gave any unwitting offense. Just tryin’ to help.

      Later On,

  • dura

    when will the BD be release doki doki ^^?

  • BlondeKat

    The Blu-ray was released a few days ago. Is anyone planning on doing it for Blood C 11 and 12? I hear that it’s completely uncensored, which should make this final volume epic!

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