Astarotte no Omocha! - OVA

Astarotte no Omocha! – OVA

Pantsu detective Asuha is on the case.

TLC: |Bardiche|
Timer: TloskPD
Typesetter: Teg
Editor: Solstice
QC: Dys
Encoder: Ixlone

1080p: [Doki] Astarotte no Omocha! – OVA (1920×1080 h264 BD FLAC) [96D9EFF4].mkv


720p: [Doki] Astarotte no Omocha! – OVA (1280×720 h264 BD AAC) [3D308BDC].mkv


480p: [Doki] Astarotte no Omocha! – OVA (848×480 h264 BD AAC) [F918F5B5].mkv


32 comments to Astarotte no Omocha! – OVA

  • Yui

    Uhh… Is this legal?

  • Omega

    I see, a pantsu detective OVA.
    Thanks for this!

  • XPD

    Quote: “Blu-Ray 1080p is Hi10P, 720p and 480p is h264.”

    Many thanks for having the good sense to do this. For those of us with borderline kit and TV boxes, we can still follow the current releases without having to rush out and buy new kit now.

    Also, thanks for the OVA, hope it doesn’t make me pedo….

  • solstice

    I FEEL ASHAMED FOR HAVING EDITED THIS. You owe me… nothing ixlone, but still!

  • A. Crush

    Quote: “(1920×1080 h264 BD FLAC)”

    Makes me think it’s H.264 and not Hi10p.

    • Index

      ofc XD

      BD series already done with H.264 XD

    • Ixlone

      Makes me think he was quoting the post on the right side bar, and saying thanks for not making everying 10bit yet.

      And then saying thanks for the show, as two seperate comments.

      • cpt. Misumaru Tenchi

        It might not be a good place for that…But what about releasing 480p in Hi10p in near future? Has just tested the last CCCP on my 1,3 GHz, looks like Hi10P 480p works just great… It might be a small (it’s still only 480p) step, but we can’t stop the future.

        • Dys

          480p will never be in Hi10P. It completely defeats the purpose.

          We’re more likely to stop doing 480 altogether than do it in Hi10P, methinks.

          • cpt. Misumaru Tenchi

            Quite understandable, but still a pity. Right now you’re one of the last groups still supporting people who at the moment can’t afford to change their old configs for modern ones and that’s what I love you for.

          • A. Crush

            480p H.264 is still good as the low-res-small-file-size option for those who need it, especially if no XviD is available. A good 480p file still looks great on a 1080p screen too, and is nice to have if it’s just something to watch and the other file sizes are huge.

            There are sites and forums dedicated to XviD / 480p reencodes though, so my guess would be even if groups go to 720p H.264 and 1080p Hi10P only, those will take up the slack for those with lesser hardware.

          • cpt. Misumaru Tenchi

            You’re right about 480p dedicated sites and forums, so there’s no problem with stuff to watch. But their quality is too poor to archive them. It’s always better to have a decent, properly downscaled H264 480p made from lossless BD material than this crappy, quickly made XviDs. And right now only Doki is still doing this. When they stop, I just won’t be archiving anime anymore.

    • A. Crush

      Well actually I was quoting the release info and replying to XPD’s post above. But the capcha didn’t go through and deleted my post once, then sent me back and I had to retype it, then the capcha failed again and when I reposted, it was a new post and not a reply to XPD anymore.

      But yeah, I am thankful when groups release stuff without being Hi10P-only, though I think Doki’s 1280×720 in 8-bit and 1080p in Hi10p works out well. It would just be extra nice in this case to get such an OVA in 1080p with 8-bit.

      Tell ya what though, my MPC-HC plays Hi10P files just fine, without MadVR or anything. Some minor blocking, but that’s it. Not as good looking as with Hi10P rendering, I’m sure.

  • AnoTheCBOXER

    Hi10p is still H.264… just saying.

    Also what the hell happened to cbox. One minute I’m away and everything is fine and dandy and the next I’m home and it’s postapocalyptic dystopia! Dude.

    • Teron

      Cbox was giving virus warnings to a lot of people so it was disabled for now. As for your first point, they label High Profile as H.264 because people would get HiP and Hi10P confused.

  • AnoTheCBOXER


  • Sebrius

    Error(small): 00:18 Karaoke romanji line is ofscreen in 1080op version.

  • TTh

    i feel like a criminal watching this.

  • Horo

    @TTh: according to Wikipedia the target audience is seinen otaku (translation: 20-40YO Akihabara NEETs) so rather than feeling guilty look at it as an exercise in intercultural sociology 🙂

    BTW shouldn’t ‘watarini fune’ be subbed as ‘problem solves itself’? It’s supposed to suggest a ferry that miraculously shows up just when you need to cross a lake.

  • JarOfDirt

    There’s a double “the” at 09:41
    “I’ve never lost the the village chief’s child!”

  • When do you release the BD’s of Blood-C?

  • S'ohw

    Well… This seems nice… 🙂

    Wonder what kind of work does a bikini inspector have…?

  • archivisth

    If you’re collecting fixes for the batch:

    1:44 …to pass through and they’re striped. (add comma after ‘and’ for compound sentence)

    5:37 no period at end of line (alternately, add comma, and change ‘But’ at start of next line to ‘but’)

    11:21 no period at end of line

  • EternalGCE

    Thanks for the release guys.

    Are you guys going to be finishing the series? I can understand if it’s low priority, but you guys are the only ones doing it. Or are the BD rips not out yet?

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