Kanon (2006) - New Batches


These batches will make the old batches obselete. The old batches will no longer be seeded. 20% filesize reduction in the new 1080p batch, with higher quality. Nice.

However, the old files will be on XDCC until HDD space on my servers become an issue (not for another year or so).

Included with the batches are the scans, menus and gallery pics.

Clannad in Hi10P next.

1080p (Hi10P): Kanon (2006) [Doki][1920×1080 Hi10P BD FLAC]

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720p (Hi10P): Kanon (2006) [Doki][1280×720 Hi10P BD AAC]

Torrent | XDCC | Scripts

480p (h264): Kanon (2006) [Doki][848×480 h264 BD AAC]

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