Doki’s Visual Novel Department! Recruiting TLs for Tomoyo After

Tomoyo After

One of my ambitions is to expand from fansubbing Anime, and make a move into the world of Visual Novels. And after recent developments, this is no longer a dream, but a possibility.

The first project we will be working on is Tomoyo After. Doki has many translators, but all are involved in translating anime.

I am seeking one (or more) translator(s) dedicated specifically to translating Tomoyo After. You will be provided with the Japanese text to translate from. You can email me if you are interested, or go on our IRC channel and find me or Cruxis (Supreme Receptionist of the Doki VN Department).

Cruxis edit: I am also looking for a person who completed this Visual Novel and can provide me some necessary resources. Find me in #doki.

Later I will be recruiting a number of “testers” to play the patched game, for debugging purposes.

There will be no “public” release until the entire project is complete.

Edit: A small update about how we will deal with the release, which shouldn’t be too far away. The only thing we will release officially, ie, via this blog, is the patch itself. We will NOT be releasing the actual game (iso or otherwise), for obvious reasons. You will have to find a copy of the game yourself. If you idle on #doki, I am sure someone will be able to help you.

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  • VanENTerrier

    Clannad Man, I finished the game and i dont actually understood the ending..

    Is there somewhere I can asked so it wont be shown to people who havent play it yet? please reply asap

    • Rokudaime

      The forums would be the most obvious solution, but you could always talk about it right here, if you just spoiler tag (REMEMBER to warn about the spoiler in CAPITAL LETTERS!) That said, this thread isn’t really active anymore. Use the new one: Also, make sure the ending you’ve got isn’t just a Bad End. ; )

      • VanENTerrier



        The ending mentioned about the operation didnt go well and wasn’t successful, but then Tomoyo said that Tomoya was able to utter her name once the operation was finished..

        Doesnt that mean its a success?

        I mean, Tomoya has a tumour and he forgets every 10days for the past 3 years…, so if it wasnt a success, he would be in the same state.

        and can you clears things up abit.

        I mean, did tomoyo really said that Tomoya was in the amnesia state for the past 3 years. I mean, that is really depressing to know without any hint or warning

        i mean, i thought when she said it has to be today (when tomoya got a cold), i thought tomoya didnt have much time left in the world and she wanted to have the last moment with him and wanted him to confess again like in the old days during highschool.

        Then she said the word which is like a wooden stake to my vampire heart.

        She also said that she led a happy I mean she said that tomoya didnt recover. how that shows she had a happy life?

        Tomoya cant work because he is disable..did tomoyo support him financially too?

        that is sad.

        They also mention that if the operation didnt go well, tomoya’s life can be in danger, meaning he can definitely die.

        so didnt he since the operation didnt go well as plan?

        If I was tomoya, i would tell the doctor to put me to sleep permanently if the operation didnt go well since it would definitely burden tomoyo since she has to take care of me financially and for daily stuff.

        It would be for the best, won’t it? If u were tomoya, would u do like i’d do?

  • Rodri

    Hey there, I’ve just finished playing the whole Tomoyo After it’s a Wonderful Life game and let me tell you, the patch was perfect. I am very satisfied with the translations and I congreatulate all of you for your great work! πŸ™‚ Anyway, i wanted to know even more about the story so i managed to get a copy of the game Memorial Edition. This is the version that includes more storyline and the game “Dungeons and Takafumis”. However i realised that the patch provided does not work for this version πŸ™ I have to say i was surprised because i read somewhere on this page that you were going to make a patch for the Memorial Edition. Also i believe i heard that the reason for delaying the release of the patch was the translation of the RPG game. And, as far as i know, that game is only avaiable on the Memorial Edition of the game. Is the patch for the ME going to be released some day? I can be patient, i just want to know πŸ˜€

  • old man

    to be clear this is not a patch for ME vs of Tomoyo after right?

  • Xander

    So I’ll take this as a sign that the Memorial Edition is gonna be a long time coming. Maybe I will learn to read Moon Runes someday soon.

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