Doki’s Visual Novel Department! Recruiting TLs for Tomoyo After

Tomoyo After

One of my ambitions is to expand from fansubbing Anime, and make a move into the world of Visual Novels. And after recent developments, this is no longer a dream, but a possibility.

The first project we will be working on is Tomoyo After. Doki has many translators, but all are involved in translating anime.

I am seeking one (or more) translator(s) dedicated specifically to translating Tomoyo After. You will be provided with the Japanese text to translate from. You can email me if you are interested, or go on our IRC channel and find me or Cruxis (Supreme Receptionist of the Doki VN Department).

Cruxis edit: I am also looking for a person who completed this Visual Novel and can provide me some necessary resources. Find me in #doki.

Later I will be recruiting a number of “testers” to play the patched game, for debugging purposes.

There will be no “public” release until the entire project is complete.

Edit: A small update about how we will deal with the release, which shouldn’t be too far away. The only thing we will release officially, ie, via this blog, is the patch itself. We will NOT be releasing the actual game (iso or otherwise), for obvious reasons. You will have to find a copy of the game yourself. If you idle on #doki, I am sure someone will be able to help you.

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  • akoaysmurf999

    Thank You :’)

  • L337MASTER

    Do you download from both links?

  • WiseKouichi

    thank you so much doki!!! I shall hold out for the ME version but I’m still very happy about the release :):)

    • The WiseKouichi is wisely waiting for the more fleshed out story. I prefer the non-H version as well, as I’ve never been fan of hentai works. Still, one must work with what they’ve got, and I think the VN Team did a pretty darn good job with what they had.

      (No one wanted to do the H-Scenes. Except for Billium_Moto, that is! XD )

      • Clannad

        While the first hentai scenes were quite hilarious they felt there to grab a quick buck which i acknowledge its still a product that needs to sell but it felt like wasted time. I did enjoy the one at the end since it felt plot relevant and carried a bit of emotional weight with it

  • iLiKeMiLo

    thank you so much !!!!!!!

  • VanENTerrier

    Where is the download link? cant see it >.<

  • Kaunis

    Thank you Doki, you chose the perfect day to release it. I have the whole weekend open and fridge full of food. Going to be fun.

    Thank you so much again.

  • wait, it said it is patch V1.00 you mean there still another update for this patch? ๐Ÿ™‚

    P.S yup that’s it, i decide to buy tomoyo ME instead, i don’t care ho much i must pay :D, i don’t care if anyone call me weird but i really love tomoyo-chan, love is blind

  • 3od

    The early part is a much better more natural translation than the BT partial patch was. I ended up with seen0702 outside the seen folder, should I put it in the folder? Does anyone know what all the options are on the page you go to when you right click? I know the save, load, back and off. But some others don’t seem to do anything?
    Thanks Doki

    • I’m glad you agree. Some of the Baka-Tsuki stuff was OK, other parts were clearly just put in by random users. Doki retranslated all the Baka-Tsuki parts so it would sound natural.

      There’s no reason why SEEN0702 should be outside its designated area. Are you sure it wasn’t moved there by accident? That might be causing your other problems as well.

      Also, did you check the included Readme file?

  • Darquesse

    Can anyone show me where to get the actual game? I don’t want to download the wrong version ๐Ÿ™

  • XheCo

    Thank you and Congratulation for releasing the patch, I wasn’t watching this page every day for some stupid accident so sorry but I wanted to say that I’m really grateful. Thank you very thank you for your hard work

  • Clannad

    Oddly enough Nagisa after picked you up so it could fill you with intense sadness over and over and Tomoyo after does teh opposite… it knocks you know so it can fill you with intense joy over and over i think i like tomoyo after better for that since it has more of a message then clannad did

    • Well now that you’ve had to wait for it, I’ll let you know.

      Ready for this?

      I still like Clannad better than Tomoyo After. I believe it’s story has a unique impact which differs from other similar works. Tomoyo After gets a thumbs up, but Clannad (especially ~After Story~) gets a nod from me as well.

      I hope you enjoy the patch!

      • Clannad

        I like Clannad (ill call it nagisa after) more then tomoyo after however i will say while tomoyo after had a message to tell behind its emotions and experienced i feel nagisa after was tragedy for the sake of tragedy especially with how they ended it.

        • Clannad

          (Sorry if all the responses are annoying btw clannad is something im incredibly passionate about and i love discussing it)

        • Rokudaime

          Clannad had an important message to tell as well, you just managed to miss it somehow. Clannad’s theme is family, and sticking out for each other:

          SPOILER!! People who haven’t played the Clannad VN or watched the After Story anime DON’T READ! (I don’t know how to make the text invisible unless you highlight it)

          I’m not good at explaining, but basically, the reason Tomoya gets to change the future and have a happy ending without Nagisa dying is because he helped so many others attain happiness through his time, that the stocked up happy emotions caused a miracle to happen, and he was given a second chance. The morale here of course being that good things happen to good people who do good things for others, and that sticking out for your friends and family is really important. I loved that. : ) It’s one of the reasons Clannad is so good imo.

          • Clannad

            TO EVERYONE THIS POST WILL BE SPOILER RIDDEN See I know the theme of it is family however there is so much tragedy that family isn’t enough to get Tomoya through it and he dies in his last moment wishing he never met Nagisa. Now while I acknowledge the Light Orbs as a laginamate plot device they also resulted in a massive cop out invalidating everything from episode 17 onward since everyone’s memory has been wiped. It caused Tomoya to lose the character development he gained from nagisa’s death and ended it will oh and happy ever after. While I like the theme of the value in family in clannad I feel that the miracle was badly done and invalidated what he went through since he needed to go back in time to another reality to be happy.

          • Clannad

            If they had to have a miracle I would have done something like say the orbs allow Tomoya to see Nagisa’s spirit one last time and her spirit restores Ushio to life and cures her of the sickness, they tell each other they love each other and the like and she fades away, he then lives his life with Ushio happy showing that with Nagisa’s love and the support from his family and friends he can live his life happy even though Nagisa is gone.

          • Rokudaime

            WARNING SPOILERS!!!

            First off, you seem to be responding more to the theme of family thing I mentioned, rather than the most important part, namely that I was pointing out in response to your: “tomoyo after had a message to tell behind its emotions and experienced i feel nagisa after was tragedy for the sake of tragedy” part that there is a message in Clannad as well and that is as I said: “good things happen to good people who do good things for others, and that sticking out for your friends and family is really important”. Just thought I’d make sure you got that. With that out of the way:

            I haven’t played Clannad, I’ve only watched the two anime series (Clannad and Clannad: After Story), so I don’t know how it differs in the game, but Tomoya’s memory of his past reality was not wiped in the anime at least, he comments on this very clearly at the end of the series. So he did not lose his character development. Also, as for your suggestion for how they ought to have done it, that may be a good solution to you, but I sure as hell know I and many others wouldn’t be happy with that. We want an ending where Nagisa lives, and she and Tomoya gets to live happily together. I don’t want a semi-happy ending, I want a completely happy ending. ๐Ÿ˜› Have you watched the Clannad movie though? It ends in pretty much the way you just described, so I’m pretty sure you’ll like it if you haven’t watched it already. Me, I like the happy ending in the series. I like happy endings. ๐Ÿ˜›

            How do you make the text white like that btw?

  • Clannad

    and Tomoyo After is now complete!

  • Alhamdulillah, FInally finally i did success instal tomoyo ME ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ yay yay yay, i didn`t realise yet if there a patch in that torent, i want cry happy ๐Ÿ˜€ arigato minna ๐Ÿ˜€

    P.S now all i need to do wait until tomoyo-ME is relesed i dont mind waiting so long

  • ckckck, well sorry for side track for bit, but i found this:
    Same of my condition, but at least im not really worse ๐Ÿ™‚

    • A Japanese man has enlisted hundreds of people in a campaign to allow marriages between humans and cartoon characters, saying he feels more at ease in the “two-dimensional world.”

      Well I think that’s just… wait, what?

  • CheshireNeko

    Just read the readme file and that staff list is huge!
    Thanks for all your hard work to make this game enjoyable for people who can’t read Japanese/toolazy to use translators for broken English and any other reasons ๐Ÿ˜€

    The 4 year wait if worth the tears that will when *spoilers* :p

    Huge thanks again!

    • Hello CheshireNeko! Nice to see you back.

      *pats on head*

      The staff list is pretty big. Even though I didn’t want to be involved with releasing the patch, I said that any credit that’s given out for the patch should be given to EVERYONE who has worked on it, whether they are current members of the VN Team, former members, people from Doki’s Staff who helped out, or the people at Baka-Tsuki. That way, everyone’s contributions are remembered in some way.

  • Clannad

    Well on the bright side *SPOILERS* he lives in the rerelease so i just watched that ending after i finished this game to make me happy ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Shinobu Asano

    Finally back in town and able to play. Let me thank everyone on the staff one more time for releasing the patch!

  • Clannad

    After finishing it i think that i have no idea which i like more more due to the fact that clannad played with my emotions like a they were a instrument where as this i felt less emotional during the average plot but when there were the emotion heavy moments they hit hard, harder then clannad i dunno which i prefer. Does anyone know what exactly the me edition has? like is it some extra arcs or the after arc stretched out a bit or what?

  • Well, here it is folks. This page seems to have lived out most of its usefulness, but man, what a post!

    This is the 2,124th comment here. That’s just crazy.

    This post holds the all time highest number of page views on Doki, and only trails the home page, projects page, and completed projects page for most popular all time page on Doki.

    (Just so you guys have an idea of how incredibly popular the V1 patch is: in just four days, the accompanying post already has the second highest number of views of any post in Doki’s history, ranked as the 11th most viewed page all time.)

    Plus, this post has clearly been the most fun to look over for comedic relief! XD

    Thanks to all of you who stopped by over the past 17 months to make the experience that much more worthwhile. Now you’ve just got to stick around to make a new post of awesomeness!

    Anywho, that’s that. Cheers!

  • Clannad

    My biggest issue was clannad was so relatable because nagisa and tomoya werent perfect at all making them relatable, tomoya was a failing student with one friend and parental issues and nagisa was a barely passing student with no friends and major confidence issues there struggles are relatable and tragic because they have to grow up. Tomoyo and tomoya in TA are both the perfect man and perfect woman especially tomoyo. that make there struggles less relatable because there both perfect and have little room for growth :/ nagisa after was about a journey to grow into the people you want to me, TA was a journey for two characters who were already the people they wanted to be and they were just finding what fulfills them. Because of the fact they dont personally grow it is less personal

  • Rabid Weevil

    I can’t believe I lurked the whooole time.
    I’ve been following this page since probably last December, but never had reason to comment before.

    First, the obligatory congratulations on completing such a massive project, I’m sure all possible variations on this have been said already but you guys truly deserve praise.

    At present, I personally do not have time to actually play, as I’m already tied up with school and preparing for college. So my plan was to wait for the ME edition, and play it during the first major break after it comes out. My question: Will you be posting news updates about that as well? If so, will they be on this page, or another?

    …Also, would I be missing out in any way by doing this? My understanding was the only thing original has that ME doesn’t is the sex scenes, which I can live without.

  • 3od

    Installed game again and downloaded and installed another patch. Now have 2 games with japanese menus. Guess I’ll have to live with it as is.

  • VanENTerrier

    Just wondering,

    i downloaded the patch and then when i try to install it it said to put in folder where the game is, so i did..

    i played the game so far but after the second H-scene, there is an untranslated japanese sentences..

    so the question is, is my patch not correctly installed? i did not delete the previous save data when i played the partial version.

    I think i saw one comment saying you need to delete the save data before installing…so is it true?

    • Holo

      This patch isn’t compatible with previous saves on the partial patch, so perhaps that is the issue.

    • Delwack

      It is not possible for us to modify your save data to make it compatible with the current patch. Loading any game from that old savedata is likely to run into a large number of issues.

      Older saves from any version, either the Japanese or the old BT partial patch, are not compatible with the current patch.

      At a minimum, you should delete your savedata folder (default: C:\KEY\ๆ™บไปฃใ‚ขใƒ•ใ‚ฟใƒผ\SAVEDATA). This folder will be remade upon starting the game up. You will lose your save data.

      If you want to be absolutely sure nothing was messed up, you should do a clean install (uninstall TA, delete the folder it was in, reinstall TA, apply the patch, play.)

      If you are still having problems, let us know!

      • VanENTerrier

        I was unsure how to know whether i installed correctly since the text font and sentences at the beginning of the game are almost the same as bake-tsuki ones.

        but i think i made a correct change of the patch by deleting the old save file and installing the patch somewhere in the pc, then i cut all the content and paste it, overwrite everything into the TA folder.

        please tell me whether i made the patching wrong.

      • sip, all good mate no problem :D, but i have 1 question i wonder is it normal falling love with anime girl?? but also i like real girl as well

  • 3od

    My menus were not translated. Went to my download found the $_OUTDIR file opened further so opened and installed. Looks good now.

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