New Game! - Chapter 102

New Game! – Chapter 102

Tamako is cute! And Aoba telling it like it is.

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5 comments to New Game! – Chapter 102

  • Soluna

    Thank you for the chapter!

  • Rokudaime

    I like how we’ve gotten two long chapters in a row. 8 page chapters are nice, but 16 and 18 page chapters are a treat. ^^ And I agree, Tama-chan is cute! <3 I also like Kou and Aoba's conversation, and Aoba being so grown up and responsible before that. Good chapter. Thanks as always! ^^

    Page 9, bottom left frame: "sent" < "send"

    I'm a little confused by the bathhouse extra btw, it says it's a continuation of page 72, chapter 9, but chapter 9 is in volume 1, and Naru and Momo weren't even in the story yet at that point…So I tried to check the ninth chapter in volume 9 (chapter 99), but it doesn't seem to be a continuation of that either. So I don't really get where it's supposed to be a continuation from.

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