New Game! - Volume 09

New Game! – Volume 09

So now that the official English version has finally caught up to the scans we have decided to stop here rather than rush each release just to try stay ahead for longer.

Volume 10 should go on sale around September for anyone who is interested.

Manga: [Doki] New Game! – Volume 09 [0D14FA6E].zip

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12 comments to New Game! – Volume 09

  • Rokudaime

    Seems fair. I have the first 3 volumes of the official version (haven’t read them though, I’ve only read your version), but I’m out of a job and haven’t had any money in half a year, so I haven’t bought the rest yet. Definitely will though. But I will miss reading your version. There’s just something about reading a manga you like bit by bit, one chapter at a time, over several years. It becomes like a habitual part of your life, compared to when you buy volumes and read a bunch in each setting. I really like your translations as well. Thanks for all your hard work all this time. 🙂

    • name

      Just get danke’s releases…

      • Rokudaime

        Naw. I don’t actively download scanlations (I mainly stick to official volumes, since I prefer reading a book to reading on my laptop), just Doki’s.

        • name

          His releases are not scanlations. They are rips from the official digital store in the highest quality possible and without the user restrictions.
          I recommend a relatively cheap tablet with a good screen flashed with LineageOS and Tachiyomi as a reader for a great digital manga reading experience.

  • Nick

    How does the official release compare to Doki’s translation?

    • Anon

      It’s not bad, as most Seven Seas releases. Thanks God it’s not released by garbage publisher like Viz or Vertical.

      • Anon

        Okay, after reading my comment again, I want correct myself. I meant that Seven Seas is generally a good manga publisher (like Yen Press, which is even better). Unlike to literally every single publisher in my country (they all are replacing all SFX, heavily localizing everthing, replacing popculture and even character names, so all of them are as bad as Viz, so I’m either buying original raws form Japan or Seven Seas/Yen Press releases).

        • Rokudaime

          I agree with you that Seven Seas and Yen Press are good (I’d like to add that Del Rey, and Kodansha Comics’ English division are also excellent imo), and that Viz is pretty bad, but is Vertical really that bad? I’ve only read their translations of the latter, remaining volumes of GTO The Early Years: Shonan Junai Gumi that Tokyopop (the worst English manga publisher by a country mile imo. No wonder they went bankrupt…Too bad they’re back now…) never finished, but I don’t really remember them doing a poor job.

    • okko

      I like Doki’s translation more, feels more natural.

  • Bob

    No more Doki New Game!!! 🙁
    Thanks for all the work you’ve done on it up to now! 😉

  • marko

    does this mean you have no plans to continue as well? i’m not too sure if i can get my hands on a physical copy of the official translation, so the best i can hope for is someone scanning the official works or you come around to scanlating volume 10 still.

    either way, thank you for your work on the previous volumes. i guess i’ll just look for other things to read once i’m all caught up on new game

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