Home Made

Home Made

A doujin I really liked the art from. The way he draws Asuha is fantastic… Those faces 😀

This doujin is better than the anime.


in terms of dialogue/pacing, this doujin was probably my favorite of all time
extremely drawn out, no rushing for fugs, super awkward, no porn dialogue, people actually have a sense of shame
definitely found my favorite author based on their other doujins too lol


  • TL/QC: Jakeman95
  • Photoshoppy stuff: ixlone
  • TS: Plykiya

Manga: [Doki] Home Made (Qualidea Code) [4BCE3AF8].zip

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11 comments to Home Made

  • Rokudaime

    That was so much cuter and better than most doujinshi porn I’ve read. Vanilla romantic stuff like this is more my thing. And like Plykiya said, it’s drawn out, awkward, no porn dialogue etc. I think this is probably my favourite as well. Any chance you could tell me the author’s name, and where his/her/their other stuff can be found?

    Also, I guess maybe I need to check out the anime this is based on. Asuha is super cute. That hairstyle is so so my thing.

  • Idkwhyimalolicom

    Are guys gonna translate other chapters ?? Since these home made got released I can’t wait to read the other chapters… So plzz take the other chpaters into translation..I really really appreciate it and since Google translation doesn’t help at plz I will be waiting

  • Random

    Thank you so much for giving this author the recognition they deserve. I was hoping for something like this to happen for months. I dumped my TL of Good Morning Chiba on /h/ a few weeks back, hoping somebody would pick this series up. It’s obviously somewhat rough, since understanding the written Japanese and translating it into English are two very different things, but you could take a look at it and maybe use it after fixing it up a bit –
    I don’t want credit or anything. All I want is for this artist to be revered.

  • I know right the artist is my fave so far in the hentai world lol..but that translation was super. Man I wish I could help really but I don’t know how to typeset and scan but I have one friend who can typeset I will talk to her about getting this hentai translated and published.. and also I really wanna read the other chpaters the translation is the main thing so as long as it’s translated I can try to get it published in English… So if u have time plz translate the c92 of this quedillia code.. I really wanna read it >=<

  • E

    Thanks a ton for translating this… while I definitely go to a lot of more (lets say “intense”) stories, in my heart of hearts, this kind of nice slow and sweet story is always the best. Thanks again!

  • Kiranran

    Thank you so much for translating this. I love you!

  • Roppanmatsu Ni

    The girl looks like an older Kyoko Sakura^^

  • fearme

    been waiting so long for someone to translate a qualidea code doujin, thanks!!!

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