Persona 5 - 17

Persona 5 – 17
More loving for all 5 of you that download our Persona release!
We’re sorry this is behind, we’re doing our best to catch up for you guys.
The site has been down recently, but hopefully that issue will be over soon! Enjoy!

Imdai: My OCD is triggered

UPDATE: New torrent is up. Enjoy!

HD: [Doki] Persona 5 – 17v2 (1280×720 Hi10P AAC) [61262EA9].mkv

Torrent | XDCC

17 comments to Persona 5 – 17

  • deadman80

    Torrent still stuck @ 99.8% for everyone. Only 1x seed listed.
    Ep 16-18 are not showing up on any of the xdcc bots either. T_T

  • giaosu

    Um, for some reason, my comment of (what was it?) at least six hours ago has not been posted:
    > There are 20 or so of us stuck at 99.8%. Could you
    > re-seed Persona 5 ep. 17 to break up this log jam?
    > Please & thank you.
    I even used the magic words.
    I would not care about my comment’s posting status if I could download the remaining 0.2%.
    Pretty please …
    with sugar on it (or no carbohydrate sweetener if this is your preference).

    • Your comments were awaiting moderation.

      I’ll leave the response here I left in the chat box:

      “At 99.85%, you’ll still be able to watch it, and chances are you’ll not even find what 0.15% is missing.

      We’ll be sure we don’t have this issue when we’re releasing the Blu-rays though, and thanks for sticking with us!”

      It won’t be fixed unless there is an issue causing MPC to not play the file in its entirety.
      I’m pretty sure this won’t cause any seeding issues either.

      So what we’re left with is people acting triggered over the theoretical missing 0.15%. Enjoy!

      • giaosu

        Yes, it is playable, however, the μtorrent antivirus will not scan any file until it is at 100%.
        So, for me at least, the missing 0.15% is not a theoretical or a trivial issue.
        Related to this, when will you be releasing the Blu-Rays?

        • Because you totally need to scan our files with an anti-virus.

          I don’t know when we’ll be starting on the Blu-rays at this point in time.

          • giaosu

            Well, I may not need to scan files from you & I do not mean to imply that your site is poorly secured. I admit that I may be too compulsive about the security of my system. I blame my pathological concern for security on a recent incident where someone in Beijing hijacked my system & used my email address in a “Nigerian Prince” style scam. My Internet service provider received complaints about me &, being justifiably a bit peeved, threatened to cut off my service. I managed to convince them that I had never been in Beijing & was not sending emails to con a bunch of people. There followed a nightmarish period of nearly three months as I worked to regain control of my system (which I have done).
            So, there you have it. I apologize for the fact that you have been pestered by a psychologically scarred individual (me) & thank you for accommodating my probably unrealistic concern by reseeding a complete file so that my torrent app could conduct an antivirus scan.

            Now, for my next whiny question.
            No, I guess I ought to leave you alone for a bit. You have a lot on your plate & I can wait.
            Thank you again & best wishes.

  • lett303

    same problem 99.8% ;w;

  • You right it’s playable even with 99.85% whatever 😛

  • But at 19:29 it freezes up and that’s mean it still faults in there. But if I forward to 19:40 it start works.
    The last 0.15% missing causing that error.

  • Oh I see version 2 hope it works 😀

  • himeno

    Is there any difference between V1 and V2?

    The V1 torrent completed for me a few hours before the V2 was uploaded.

  • Truthseeker

    It’s dropped.

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