New Game!! - 04

New Game!! – 04


HD: [Doki] New Game!! – 04 (1280×720 Hi10P AAC) [28BC2778].mkv

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SD: [Doki] New Game!! – 04 (848×480 h264 AAC) [5151CC92].mkv

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17 comments to New Game!! – 04

  • J O N D O E

    god bless Doki

  • 50ShadowsOfRei

    Weakest episode for now, though.

  • mogu

    Let me be fair to the animators and provide some context for that screenshot.

    It’s an in-between frame, so it’s not as vital that it be perfect as it is for a key frame. So long as it makes proper motion between key frames. That being said, it should really try to keep as close to the shapes of the surrounding key frames as possible.

    It’s a pretty easy trap for newbie animators to fall into to simplify shapes when tracing in-between key frames. Which you can see in more than just the hand: the hair, too, has been turned into simple curves, and the hat has also had various shapes simplified.

    And normally, when a newbie turns in something like this, the checker will catch it and have them fix it. The fact that this made it through check makes it a strong possibility that this particular shot was animated overseas. Chinese studios have a reputation for turning in this kind of work. Not to say that all Chinese animation work is shoddy, just that they tend to be less thorough about checking and catching that kind of thing.

    And the studio that helped with in-between animation just happens to work with a number of overseas studios.

    Another possibility is they just ran out of time and had no time to check or fix it before the deadline, but things would have to be pretty serious for that to happen on the fourth episode.

    • Kyouma

      Is THAT the difference between animation quality and visual quality?

    • Da North


      AS an animator… no. Just no. If you have a key frame (the one WITH the fingers) followed by a quick movement, you BLUR the image, not leave it solid like that. With digital painting, its even easier than what us old school pencil-pushers used to have to do.

      As you noted, time and service providers probably was the creation of this horror – let us hope they clean it up for the BD.

      You do know, I will SEE this frame every time I watch this shot now… THANKS!

      • mogu

        In Japanese animation, if they want a blurred movement, they’ll make a key frame specifically for that.

        For a number of reasons, in-between animation in Japanese anime tends to do nothing more than follow the instructions on the key frame.

        And this seems likely to be fixed in the blu-ray releases, so it’ll probably be okay.

  • BlazePh

    Not sure if anyone pointed this out yet, but episode 3 has an en dash (–) in the filename instead of the standard hyphen (-).

  • macxxx007

    Thanks so much for episode 3 and 4! (life’s been hectic so I’m here to say thanks now!

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