New Game! - Chapter 47

New Game! – Chapter 47

Who is this girl?

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9 comments to New Game! – Chapter 47

  • Netrac

    Thanks for the chapter.

  • mogu

    Who… is Hotaru? One of the main characters of the spinoff prequel? Who appeared in the new year’s chapter?

  • woods

    Thanks for the chapter!

  • Wanderer

    Who is which girl? We’ve met every girl in this chapter. Nene: Aoba’s childhood friend, now in college, worked as a temporary bug tester for Fairies Story 3 and became friends with the crew at Eagle Jump, been designing her own game recently and having ship tease with Umiko. Aoba: main character. Hopefully needs no further introduction. Hotaru: high school friend of Aoba and Nene, one of the main characters of the volume 5 spinoff that you people released last year back when season 1 was airing, artist, currently attending an art college in Europe, also appeared in chapter 36 returning for new years to celebrate with Aoba and Nene and reaffirm friendships and promises they had made with each other in the spinoff.

  • Excuse me, but you're bothering the other customers...

    Maybe the girl that works in the Café?

  • Soluna

    Thank you for the chapter~

  • Tetsu-nii

    Aoba + Nene = Moe Overload. ;p

    Really liked how Aoba and Hotaru got so drawn into the game.

    Thanks so much for the chapter! XD

  • Rokudaime

    “Who is this girl?”

    You’re not being serious now, are you ix?…

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