Mobamas Gekijou - 01

Couldn’t get my SR Mirei because of the Bandori event, and I didn’t even get the 3 star Kasumi there.

<Jocko> I’m back-nya
<Jocko> And please donate all google play cards you can before this week is over. I need my Yuuki.


  • Translator/Timer/Typesetter/Ktime/KFX/QC: Ankira (Kuzu/Jocko)
  • Editor: Jakeman95
  • Encoder: Pikminiman

Same deal as always. Go look somewhere else.

Song credits

  • “lilac time”/”Kira! Mankai Smile!”
    • Translator: Ankira
    • Timer: Ankira
    • Editor: Jakeman95
    • Effects: Ankira

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