Macross Delta - 08

jakeman95, you have anything to say for the release post? – Kuzu

Not really – Jakeman95


Late episode is late. 09 should come later this week.

Kuzu edit: For reasons, I’ll be taking over translation and retranslating starting episode 9. Therefore, there will be no release this week.

720p: [Doki-Chihiro] Macross Delta – 08 (1280×720 Hi10P AAC) [397CD557].mkv

Torrent | XDCC

480p: [Doki-Chihiro] Macross Delta – 08 (848×480 h264 AAC) [503DB35A].mkv

Torrent | XDCC

Song credits

  • Translator: krymsun00 (Giraffe Blues), brownricecookies (Ikenai Borderline, Neo Stream)
  • Editor: Jakeman95
  • Timer: Kuzu (Ikenai Borderline) Hybrid (Giraffe Blues, Neo Stream)
  • Effects: Jocko

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