New Game! - 01

New Game! – 01

Really nice first ep. Did a pretty good job with the VA picks imo. Will add ED next week when they aren’t talking all over it (hopefully?)… and yeah, encodes are a raw. Will add shiny nice encodes @BD.


  • Translator: mogu
  • Editing/QC: jakeman95
  • Typesetting: odinigh
  • Timing/K-timing/PL: ixlone

720p: [Doki] New Game! - 01 (1280x720 h264 AAC) [43C77D3E].mkv

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480p: [Doki] New Game! - 01 (848x480 h264 AAC) [FBB7B5E4].mkv

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111 comments to New Game! – 01

  • Kurausukun

    Because I’m an ingrate, I feel inclined to inform you that Fairies is typoed as “Faries” at 21:36. Also, I’m not going to join in the argument about the names, but in her introduction you Romanized her name as Hazime and then the next two times her name came up you switched to Hajime.

  • elmaton

    I thought it was the second coming of the imouto show, but I found out that the show is name Ero Manga or something. So what is this? It was really good!

  • kriNon

    Would it be possible to have two subtitle tracks, one using the kunrei-shiki and the other one using the Hepburn system?

  • HAHA

    I see the ‘name’ thing has already been talked about in previous comments. Seems u guys got ur own reason to use kunrei-shiki(?) and if u guys really want to use it then so be it.

    It’s just me and some people are not used to it yet. So if you could change the name to Hazuki, hajime, Iijima, it would be nice. Or u can provide 2 subtitle tracks?

    Just a selfish request, though. No need to take this seriously. Do what u guys think is best. Thx

  • lel

    >name shortening and using exotic transcriptions.

  • thefarhanz

    Thank you!

  • Guest

    Thank you!
    I hope this will be as good as manga itself. 🙂
    Must… resist… and wait for the batch… 😀

  • My Wife * Is So Cute

    My Wife Aoba Is So Cute

    Oh and


  • Sad

    What a time when Doki’s subs are actually WORSE than the CR subs. Never thought I would see the day.

  • kriNon

    Here is a script that I have set up to automatically change the names for this series. It requires python 2.7 and can be further configured in settings.txt if anyone wants to change anything.!jNsjXDoY!qCzVwMB3SlKU9OPvSkrjCA

  • Azuciel

    I think the main issue about the romanization here is not being ‘proper’ or ‘official’, but getting that discomfort whenever you see something you aren’t expecting.
    Hajime is a common name used in many other anime, so reading ‘Hazime’ is annoying even if you know that it’s not wrong.
    Hazuki is less common but most self-respecting anime fans are familiar with it (Baka to Test).
    And if ever their official romaji names are to be shown in the anime, the difference will be a lot less grating than reading Hazime every episode.

    I won’t be dropping your subs because watching the anime subs of the same group that’s doing the manga just feels ‘proper’.
    If you can, though, an alternate track would be great for a lot of your fans (myself included).

    • Rokudaime

      Don’t agree, names being common or not is irrelevant and completely unproblematic. I don’t see any reason to be annoyed by something like that. It’s not because of the names being something I wasn’t expecting either. Only reason I find these naming conventions problematic and annoying is because I hear one thing, and read another. That’s it. That discrepency makes things feel really out of place.

  • Red

    When in doubt, go with the release that has the least amount of drama associated with it. Translators can justify anything but that doesn’t mean I have to put up with their shit if alternatives exist. If you watch this release, you might as well go back and watch The Eotena Onslaught because we all know how well that went over.

  • christantoan

    Just noticed at 18:31 that you typeset one of the emot and not others emot
    Or there’s special meaning in that particular message?


  • jaysaints

    instalment > installment in 21:36 1st episode of new game, typo

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