Sui Youbi - Chapter 20

Sui Youbi – Chapter 20

Delays brought to you courtesy of Neptunia.

Naruto Shippuuden OST 3 finally announced. About time!

Also, I forgot to post this. Some pics from our last trip to Japan.

Manga: [Doki] Sui Youbi – Chapter 20 [9529FC5D].zip

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7 comments to Sui Youbi – Chapter 20

  • Blanc17

    thanks for the pics. No upskirts though disappoint

  • Rokudaime

    Thanks for the chapter!

    “Naruto Shippuuden OST 3 finally announced. About time!”

    YES! Finally! Thanks for telling me about that! ^^ Guess I’ll have to check Nipponsei regularly after July 6th when it comes out!

    Page 5, top frame to the right: “I may be being a bit overprotective” < "I may be a bit overprotective".

    • kojika

      There’s nothing particularly wrong with that line despite sounding slightly awkward; the phrase “may be ” is not uncommon. Alternatively, it could be rewritten as “Maybe I’m being a bit overprotective”.

      • Rokudaime

        I know it’s technically not grammatically wrong, but “be” and “being” right after each other like that sounds very akward. Which is why I presented a better alternative.

  • kojika

    Part of my comment was left out for some reason. It should have said “may be(doing)(something)” is not uncommon.

  • rikka0612

    thanks for the work.

    also, dat ten*a.

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