Aimer ninelie EP

Aimer ninelie EP

There were two versions of this particular CD, of which the scans for both and videos from both are included (well, videos in the video download).

«@Jocko» These are the most organic particles I’ve ever done
«&jakeman95» oh ya?
«@Jocko» I’m not entirely sure they fit the song or theme well
«@Jocko» But I love how they move
«&jakeman95» should make 3 scripts and I can label them particles, more particles, and OMG PARTICLES

And you know what, he actually did it… but I didn’t include them in the release. I know I’d get a complaint about there being like 80MB of script content…

FLAC: [Doki] Aimer ninelie EP (FLAC) [11C4F880].zip

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MP3: [Doki] Aimer ninelie EP (MP3) [65D0A34E].zip

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[Doki] Amier with chelly (EGOIST) – ninelie (848×480 h264 DVD AAC) [3414C24F].mkv
[Doki] Koutetsujou no Kabaneri – NCED2 (848×480 h264 DVD AAC) [2EF1BAA8].mkv

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