Recruiting Typesetters

Doki is looking to recruit new typesetters. In particular, we’d like someone (or multiple people) to help un-stall PriPara, though applicants will not be obligated to any particular show from the start.

No experience at all is required to apply for one of the typesetting positions. Experienced typesetters are also welcome, but we’re more than happy to train newbies from the ground up. Jocko in particular (who is currently typesetting Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry) would like to offer his expertise to anyone willing to learn.

In case anyone is not sure what typesetting is, it is the art of making sign translations appear as though they belong in a show. For a more visual understanding, click on the image above to see the full-size version, which contains nine screenshots of typesetting from several recent Doki shows. It does not require a large skillset to be able to do reasonably complex typesetting, and the skills you learn are highly applicable to work in graphic design. (We even use Adobe Illustrator.)

To anyone interested, please email Holo at with the subject line “Doki Typesetting” and join the IRC channel, where you should try making contact with any of the staff there — preferably me (Pikminiman) if I’m online.

If anyone is interested but unfamiliar with IRC, leave a comment down below, and I will help you get situated.

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