Iroiro Ikuiku

Iroiro Ikuiku

Have some porn.

It’s about two young girls, of legal age, that go out and explore the wilderness. On their journey they run into a group of men whom the girls assault terribly and force themselves upon, making the poor men do things they just don’t want to do! It has a happy ending though and brings a tear or two to the girls eyes.

If the torrent site shows no torrent click the search button top right a few times and it should find it, silly site.


  • TL: mogu
  • Photoshoppy stuff: ixlone
  • QC: Someone or other.

Manga: [Doki] Iroiro Ikuiku (Kiniro Mosaic) [2512B2F2].zip

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31 comments to Iroiro Ikuiku

  • Hatoko

    +1 for the description

  • Rokudaime

    Oh dear…mogu, are you turning into Ero_Yatsu now? 😛

  • Kucing

    Please put “Kiniro Mosaic” tag.

    Is this the 2nd Kiniro Mosaic H manga by doki?

  • Kucing

    Sorry, not tag, but category.

  • SoBayed

    “It’s about two young girls, of legal age”

    You dropped your Kappa somewhere m8

  • Nymph-chan

    is this loli or toddlercon lol

  • Phantom

    I, and everyone like me, need to post my idolmaster question somwhere where someone actually cares and not on ixlone’s posts where he just deletes them.

    I should also whine and cry less about fansub-nazi’s deleting my post when I’m too stupid to post it in the correct place to start with.

  • BigBadBorg

    Best description I read in a long time!

    Will still avoid it 🙂

  • anonanon

    “of legal age”

    The girl on top has got to be like 6 years old. If you get off on this kind of stuff, that’s rather worrying. Loli is okay, but damn this is sick.

  • anonanon

    I don’t care what her supposed age is, she’s got the body of a 6 year old. You’re getting off on ’16 year olds’ with the bodies of 6 year olds.

  • Android Lolibot

    Will I get arrested if I download this?

  • Guest

    ixlone, I don’t think you get the point here.
    But before I explain myself I should say that I don’t judge you or other people who into that kind of things (because, you know, we’re all have few or more odds and derps). I just believe in you guys and hope that you’ll never ever do something like that IRL. 🙂
    So, let’s trolling (slightly). 🙂
    First of all how’d you tell a difference between a mature people and a child? You’d say don’t judge a book by the cover, but would you mind to tell us in which part exactly these poor girls look like mature to you? I can’t say it about their appearance nor their behavior. We’re all understand that their age just a rough excuse to draw lolis raepu, isn’t it? So let us assume that they are really 16 and 17 years old. I force myself to scroll through something like 10 pages and their appearance and behavior is still childish to me. Maybe they have a developmental lag so their mind and body still young, but if so – they still must be considered as kids regardless of their physical age. I guess that’s the point which people above trying to tell you. 🙂
    And by the way – she says that she sucking her father penis? Really?.. Well, one can assume that it’s not blood related father so it’s ok, but man that’s still disgusting.
    P.S. Nice description! No really. 🙂

    • I actually meant watch the anime or read the manga. A short doujin is a pretty piss poor way of deciding on a characters age/maturity.

      A fan made doujin isn’t exactly going to portray the characters in the best light. Especially when it’s basically, “hey, here’s a dick, nom nom nom”.

      And dare I say a doujin is going to have certain degree of artistic flare with regards to the proportions of the characters– they could just as well of had HH cup tits.

      • Rokudaime

        “I actually meant watch the anime or read the manga. A short doujin is a pretty piss poor way of deciding on a characters age/maturity.”

        In that case I’d say you misunderstood us, because I’m pretty sure we were strictly talking about how these characters look and are portrayed in THIS comic, not in the manga and anime the comic is based on (i.e, we’re not deciding on a character’s age/maturity in general, we’re only discussing how they are portrayed in this comic). I know I was, and I assumed the others were as well. If they look and act older in the manga and anime, that doesn’t really make them appear any older in this doujin. Alice as a character may be older in both looks and in behaviour in the original work, but in this comic she looks like a little kid, so in this comic it pretty much looks like they’re raping a child.

      • Guest

        Thanks for answer!
        Well, I don’t know what anime or manga this was based on, but I can certainly say that they don’t look like mature here at all. 🙂 So I guess you’re right and artist draw them like that on purpose.
        About twins and lolis… well I think one can like it only if don’t have them IRL – they’re annoying as hell. 😀

    • Forgot to comment on the incest.

      Everyone knows incest is best. Only thing better is twincest!

  • loli butt

    Why, those dastardly girls!

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