Boku ha Ohimesama ni Narenai - Chapter 01-03

Boku ha Ohimesama ni Narenai – Chapter 01-03

Mogu really wanted to do this and has been asking for literally months, so here it finally is. This is some pretty funny stuff. Yuki is my fav.

Shindou Rei (Cinderella) comes from a very poor family. Her only clothes are hand-me-downs from her brother, even her school uniform. So everyone always mistakes her for a boy. Even her close friend Hakuba Ouji (white horse prince), who starts developing confusing feelings toward her all the while believing she’s a boy. Tsukumo Yuki (Snow White) is the leader of a delinquent gang and falls in love with Rei at first sight, also believing her to be a boy.


  • Translator: mogu
  • Photoshoppy stuff: ixlone/odinigh
  • QC: heyman

Manga: [Doki] Boku ha Ohimesama ni Narenai – Chapter 01 [0B98E84A].zip

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Manga: [Doki] Boku ha Ohimesama ni Narenai – Chapter 02 [190F9378].zip

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Manga: [Doki] Boku ha Ohimesama ni Narenai – Chapter 03 [5A166170].zip

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16 comments to Boku ha Ohimesama ni Narenai – Chapter 01-03

  • Kazuo

    Wakabayashi Toshiya manga! Thanks so much!

  • Onyx

    The synopsis is quite confusing! Might give this a try.

  • Rokudaime

    Thanks but why do you use “ha” here when you use “wa” in things like Hazuki Kanon? Just curious. Seems a bit odd. I don’t really mind which romanization you go with (well, ok, I do prefer “wa”, but it’s not a big deal), but I’m thinking it’s probably a good idea to pick one or the other for consistency?

    • mogu

      Simply put, because the series officially romanizes itself that way. You’ll see it if you look at the cover or the pages between chapters. Kanon, on the other hand, seems to have no official romanization, so we went with the standard format used for translations with it.

      The stranger case is Henjyo, which uses different romanizations on the cover and inside the volume itself. “Henjo” is written on the cover, but everywhere inside the volume “Henjyo” is used. You’ll have to ask ixlone why he picked which one he did.

      • Qeh

        The question is why do they officially romanize such things differently? From my japanese lessons long ago I would say that wa would be correct due to the context. But japanese are always trolling people with there language … i still hate those thousands of words for counting things 😀

        • mogu

          Because there is no “official” way to represent Japanese using the roman alphabet. There are numerous accepted systems with different purposes. The systems generally used in anime and manga translations tend to have the goal of being easy to read for English-speakers. Japanese people themselves don’t really need that consideration, so they’ll represent things however it feels right to them.

          In this particular case, while you actually pronounce it as “wa”, you write it using the “ha” character, and so you would also type that part of the sentence as “ha”. So it makes more sense to Japanese people to romanize it as “ha” even though you read it “wa”.

          Henjo/Henjyo, though, is a bit different in that both “jo” and “jyo” will output the exact same characters when typing on a keyboard. “jo” is slightly shorter and simpler, but “jyo” more closely mimics the original Japanese writing system, since the sound is written by squishing together the characters “ji” and “yo”. Both are correct, and both are the exact same sound. As for why he is inconsistent in his own usage, I cannot answer.

      • Rokudaime

        Ah, ok. Huh, that’s actually rather interesting.

      • I usually go by what’s on the cover.

  • vipo

    Thanks a lot!! 🙂

  • Keima Kaname

    Thank you for the chapters. This manga is pretty good, so good job for asking for this without surrendering, Mogu.

  • Cickany

    The first 3 chapters were hilarious.

  • SomeDudeOntheNet

    Thanks… And now I have to explain to my co-workers why I was laughing at my desk…

  • mangamuscle

    Thanks, that was funny 🙂

  • atgc

    Hello, I’m from Comet Scans, we were just starting to work on this series as well.

    ChiPsiUp and I had picked this series since no one seemed to do it, but if you’d agree on a collaboration, we’d gladly help.

    We can discuss this further at the place of your choice.

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