Mobamas - 13

Apologies to everyone who have been waiting. After two months of work (and neglect), this is finally out! We will be back next month with the second cour (hopefully with less delays this time), and be sure to also check out our release of “Star!!” below!

If you play (or are considering playing) Mobamas, our production, 109 Pro (link only works on phones), is also looking for producers to join us.

Much thanks to AmamiHaruka (Aieon) and ShijouTakane (RedFive) for QCing and presumably yelling calls in front of the computer as they QCed.

Song credits

  • Translators: Jakeman95, Uzuki, krymsun00
  • TLCs: krymsun00, Uzuki
  • Timers: xMyth, Uzuki
  • Editors: Delwack, RedFive, Jakeman95
  • Effects: Jocko

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