Sui Youbi - Chapter 01

Sui Youbi Chapter 01

Meet Sui, a native from an unspecified foreign country. She has moved to Japan to get married and this story revolves around her adapting to Japanese culture and life…

I’ve up’d the res to 1800px for this since I was unhappy with how much detail I nuked in majyo at 1600px (which I up’d from 1300 from Koi x Kagi for same reason hoho). Yeah, the file size might be a bit bigger, that and I release in .png which means they are probably bigger than most groups from the start anyway! Although in the days of TB hard drives and such, who actually cares about a few MB. But hey, since it’s released in high quality lossless format you can always use a batch resizer/converter if it does annoy you and enjoy it in a lower quality lossy format.

Anyway, hope you enjoy it.


  • Translator: mogu
  • Photoshoppy stuff: ixlone
  • QC: odinigh

Manga: [Doki] Sui Youbi – Chapter 01 [048F35D0].zip

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