Mobamas - 12

Apologies for the delay; we had various problems with this episode. Sadly, it doesn’t seem episode 13 will be on time either, but we’ll continue to work on it. We’ll also be delaying the previews for the batch. Meanwhile, here are some stuff about Idolmaster this week:

  • There’s another 5 Step Gacha aimed at roping in new producers to spend money in Mobamas going on; try your luck at a 1.5% chance at getting a SR that comes with a Puchiderella.
    • Somehow I managed to roll a SR swimsuit Mio with the 1.5%, and then a rare Kirari for the tenth time with the 3% ticket that comes with it.
    • I really wish I got the equivalent Uzuki card instead.
  • Cure Maid Cafe, as seen in Saekano ep 11, is holding a Mobamas collaboration event until the 29th.
  • Here’s a link to our production on Mobamas, 109 Pro.

Special thanks to Pikminiman for taking extra time this week to help sorting out the audio problems.

Song credits

  • Translator: Jakeman95
  • TLC: krymsun00/Kuzu
  • Timer: xMyth
  • Editor: Delwack
  • Effects: Jocko

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