Mobamas - 08

TT Edit: To everyone asking for links, Doki got DMCA takedown request and we are complying. Look for links on google or on the tracker site or something. I still have no idea why none of the other PL’s are being up front about this. Hopefully I can get them to forward it to Chilling Effects.

Sorry for the lateness, everyone. Here is our weekly update of Idolmaster happenings:

  • Mobamas just had its first Puchiderea Collection event, where you take your Puchiderea, dress them up with costumes (obtainable in previous events, which might have slaughtered your wallet in the process), and beat the shit out of BrynhildrRanko, Kanako, and Rika
    • Jakeman95 was very contributive in this event. He dealt around 10k damage out of the >30000000 our production did.
  • It was Greemas’ second anniversary, and to commemorate, they gave out 11 free rolls and also had special anniversary-limited UR cards that, if you wanted them all, you’d have to play the game, probably killing your wallet in the process.
  • Granblue Fantasy is having its first anniversary event right now; very relevant. You can even pay your mobacoins to roll for limited stuff.
  • The tenth anniversary Idolmaster producer meeting is this weekend: streams will be here and here on Saturday and Sunday, Japanese time.

Until next week!

Song credits

  • TL: Uzuki
  • Timer: xMyth
  • Editor: DelP
  • KFX: Jocko

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