Wake Up, Girl Zoo! – 04

Wake Up, Girl Zoo! – 04

<@jakeman95> I like to poke my favorite idols in the face…

360p: [Doki] Wake Up, Girl Zoo! – 04 (640×360 h264 AAC) [1819A731].mkv

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<&Kuu-chan> delwack, you want to guest write a release post?
<&Delwack> for?
<&Kuu-chan> wug zoo
<&Delwack> I don’t know anything about it
<&Delwack> so that’s probably a bad idea
<&Kuu-chan> it’s basically a show about zoo animals
<@Aieon> hahaha
<@jakeman95> It’s 3 mins…
<@jakeman95> you could watch it even…
<@jakeman95> >_>
<&Kuu-chan> you can watch it tomorrow when you make breakfast
<&Kuu-chan> you’ll catch up before you are done
<@jakeman95> <_<
<&Kuu-chan> that is, unless if you have cereal
<@jakeman95> Loner…
<&Delwack> ( ¬‿¬)
<&TheThing|24-7> ( ¬‿¬)
<@Aieon> and those one-minute oats

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