Koi x Kagi - Chapter 1

Koi x Kagi Chapter 1

So I bought this in Japan and mentioned it to Sakurahime, who was like “Oh, let me see~”

She saw, I joked about TLing it, and she is like “sure!” and so here it is. The next chapter soon™

Should also mention this is the first time I’ve used photoshop… so don’t expect perfection! Constructive criticism is welcome. Trolling… be sure to use a proxy, cos your IP will be getting banned hoho.

Let the rage commence…


  • Translator: Sakurahime
  • QC: Alexskc
  • Everything else, is it called typesetting?: ixlone

Manga: [Doki] Koi x Kagi – Chapter 1 [A56E51AF].zip

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17 comments to Koi x Kagi – Chapter 1

  • xAtKx

    so Doki is doing manga now?


    cool stuff. thanks

  • SomeoneElse

    Okay, I haven’t finished downing the file yet, but I am kind of an old hand at scanalation, so I just want to point out what I have noticed thus far.
    1. The everything else you mention is broken down into three jobs, proofing, cleaning, and Editing, the proofer proofreads the script that the translator submits for the manga, makes sure no bubbles are missed, and generally makes sure the translation is properly localized, asking for notes where necessary. the cleaner removes dirt, smudges, page shadows, binding shadow if you do not unbind the book before scanning, (there are tutorials on how to unbind then rebind your manga books), and replacing any bits and bobs that had to be removed to take out the text, backgrounds, art lines, etc. The editor checks over the cleaning and the script, and fills the bubbles, makes any final fixes needed to the reconstruction of the artwork and usually works up the credits pages etc.
    2. Naming conventions with manga differ slightly from anime because often a project will be competed by multiple scanalation groups. The common convention is, when working from Tankubon: Title – Vol00 – Ch00(0) – [GROUP].ext when working from magazines (like Jump or Yuri Home etc.) It is Title – Ch00(0) – [Source][GROUP].ext obviously not everyone is considerate, or experienced enough to use these conventions, but that is generally how it is presented.
    3. Finally… you should add the info about the Manga, and your releases on so that other people from the Scanalation scene don’t duplicate your efforts.

    Other than that, welcome to Scanalation! And I’ll comment back after reading the chapter!

  • Rawr

    I haven’t heard of this but I’ll take a look and give an opinion later. Thankyou 🙂

  • SomeoneElse

    An excellent first release! A few more notes tho, so don’t hate me >_>
    On manga page 9 (file page 7) there is a bubble missing text at bottom center, and often a different font is used to denote spoken text as opposed to thought or narration, also, some f the bubbles seemed very empty, you may want to vary the font size to match the bubble size…
    Your cleaning is superb though… really impressed with that.
    As I said at the top, very good for a first release!

    • Your feedback is appreciated!

    • Ah, whoops, a bubble snuck past, I’ll be sure to fix it!

      I used fonts in line with the manga, where they used their normal font I used mine, and again with their more handwritten font I went with a version for that too.

      I’ll go over this chapter again and check out the stuff you mentioned though and probably update it for when we finish the volume and combine all the chapters for a torrent.

  • CyberStrike

    Try using wild words as the font next time. It replicates that manga text feel.

  • Femto Zeta

    This is actually quite enjoyable! Also I really like the art style, it gives the manga an unique feeling…

    As to give a bit of feedback, as mentioned before, fitting the font size to the bubble size would increase readability and looks by a lot. Apart from that, that release looked really good to me.
    I´m looking forward to the rest of that manga.

  • Rokudaime

    Doki moving into manga? Nice! 😀 Hmm…So that means that now you’ve done anime, hentai, manga, VN’s, PV’s…What’s left? AMV’s? Live action? 😛 I don’t like live action though, so I would pass on that if you did some lol.

    • Rawr

      I don’t watch much of any live action stuff either. Besides the Death Note movies, I don’t really know of many.

      Budget seems to be an issue with some live action anime/manga stuff, if its too low, it drags the movie down.

  • ShoowSTopper

    Can’t wait for the rest!

  • Virus-kun

    Is this done by the same people as Ouran High School Host Club? The art looks identical.

  • Nako

    Nice job. How about register your release at mangaupdates?

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