Learn Japanese with Mit-sensei, the Japanese Member of the Doki Staff!

Sorry for people who got SERIOUSLY interested in this, but for some problem, it can’t be helped but it’s put on hold for a while.

In the meantime, please consider taking a lesson in Chinese with Holo-laoshi.

32 comments to Learn Japanese with Mit-sensei, the Japanese Member of the Doki Staff!

  • mariogitu

    how’s the method sensei? we just talk with you in japanese via IRC ?

  • mit

    thanks for your concern and your comment.

    it’s so hard to explain about it in detail in a few sentences. but what i can say now is, especially if you are an advanced learner we can talk in japanese as well. then i can correct mistakes and give further explanations for the words and phrases. but i think of explaining in english, though it is up to you students. also when you ask me some question, you can ask it in english as well.

    if it is not still clear for you, you can ask me again here, but i’d be glad if you asked me more specifically. and anyways, if it is not troublesome for you to get to irc, you can try it free for 6 days to see, you know.

  • LeviathanX

    Ok, that sounds like a nice offer… But, how do you manage time zone differences?! As for me, central European time zone, I’m leaving house around 6.30am and come back at latest 7.30pm …that’s why I’m stuck at learning Japanese myself (self-learner; started in 2009) work consumes a lot of time.

    Well, I’d like to know more about this before eventually asking anything else. πŸ™‚

    • Femto Zeta

      u know what UTC means?

      • LeviathanX

        I know what that means, but nevertheless… you can’t except him to stay awake 24h to satisfy his “students” schedule.

        I work in scanlation groups, figure how hard it is to schedule work packages/releases if all in the group live like +/- 10 hours apart….

        • LeviathanX

          Ah, now I get your comment…!!! Something seems to be screwed up on the other device… I didn’t see the times on that screen written here…

          Forget that I asked…. :O

    • mit

      thanks for your concern and your comment.

      in fact time zone is a big problem, as i don’t focus at people in a certain time zone particularly. and i’m sorry that it seems unfortunately my timetable is not good for you.

      said that, actually i expect most of my to-be-students live in one of three areas of the world: europe, eastern north america, and western north america. if they clustered in one of those areas, then i would consider changing my timetable to suit them. more likely, i can consider moving the timetable up a couple of hours.

      so, it’s good for me to hear your ideas and wishes.

      • LeviathanX

        yea, sorry for the uproar.
        it’s sad that the the schedule is not matching up good for me, but that’s life. no hard feelings ^^
        I thought it might be a good opportunity to learn “better”.. I mean I have tons of books, but that stuff is static. You can’t ask it “what exactly does this mean” or something like that. I know there are tons of internet resources out there, but it’s always a long term task to find the right answer. (And due to my work times I can’t attend courses either…).

        Actually my only real problem are highly nested sentences, other than that just complex kanji compounds and some “weird specialities” in terms of particles.

        (I don’t count Kanji and vocabulary as a problem, since I just don’t have the time to learn regularly. At least I know enough to survive in Japanese areas where hardly anyone speaks English))

        • mit

          it was all right, at least i didn’t mind. rather i enjoyed like i said.

          btw, it’s really a shame that my schedule does not match you, as you sound like very good for my style.

  • Anal King

    What the fuck? I know like half the grade 1 kanji, and I hate it already. If I had a time machine, I’d send Gengis khan to slaughter the people involved with that diarrhea mess of chinese characters.

  • Teme

    6480 yen? It’s super effective!

    • It’s pretty damn cheap, lol.

      • Qeh

        True, my first japanese lecture was 18h for 119 € ~ 15800Β₯. But that wasn’t online so naturally it was way more expensive. Getting 48h for around 50 bucks is fine.

      • mit

        i’m not very wealthy but rather poor, so i want to offer it cheaply as i can. i imagine if i were a learner instead, you know. not only i want to earn some money to make my living, but i also want to make others satisfied, if not happy. i mean mutually helping.

        still it seems a bit too expensive for some people. it’s really a shame. though it’s no surprise if they are from countries with very low cost of living.

        • Qeh

          I totaly understand that. Sadly there are always bummers that don’t consider the circumstances for instance the living expences in japan are high unlike USA or Europe so you naturally have to pay more for japanese services. If my university wouldn’t pay my courses i would have gladly taken the offer.

          I sincerly hope you get a better response when you try to create a course again.

    • Lucidity

      He will cause an inflation in the japanese economy system \o/

      • mit

        i’m not good at economy… i hope i’m fairly good at arithmetics at least… still i made a horrible mistake on the post with a wrong calculation, and edited… ┐(^β€Ώ^)β”Œ

    • mit

      maybe so effective to make everyone faint, and then no one would come to me ┐(^β€Ώ^)β”Œ

  • Rokudaime

    Nice incentive. I need to learn hiragana and katakana first though, and I won’t have money until November, so I guess I’ll pass. Good luck to everyone who will participate though! : )

  • shit I would love to learn japanese but I dont got that kind of money as a NEET

  • Saten~

    I feel like it might be difficult to learn grammar by just asking random questions like “how do ask if someone is able to do something” or “how do you say something looks tasty”, and also learn about the irregulars you might not know to ask about?

  • Kucing

    Too bad, it’s too expensive for me and I don’t have paypal

  • Jeroen

    The concept of having a person who you can ask questions to is of great benefit for people who learn through self study. But from my experience, no mather how many hours you learn in books, watch Japanese tv, read children books,… the most effective part is speaking Japanese with a teacher. To fully understand the (difficult) Japanese grammer, make it feel natural and remember all of it, is speaking. I’ve seen grammer to medium level, can read (and write) about 1100 kanji but when it come’s to speaking I sound like a 5 year old child. For advanced students this might work, and beginners can ask question in combination with a good textbook. But solely with this method doesn’t seem effective. Good luck.

  • So, are the requirements for beginners as well?
    I’m sorta interested but all the Japanese I “know” is from watching anime, which means nothing. Though to be fair it won’t really matter considering the time, the B-channel stream runs from 4am to 6am for me and I don’t think there will be many interested in it from my time zone.

    Perhaps not the best place to ask, but does anyone know a good place to start for a complete beginner?

  • Setsuna Henry


  • Zeratul678

    Aaand it is put on hold. Oh welll, back to anime then. πŸ˜€

  • Rawr

    It might be easier for you if you streamlined this.

    Like offering 1 to 1 sessions via Video/Voice/Text chat for a certain amount of money per session, then of course you can add structure to each lesson.

    Making notes of someones progress also helps too, so you can then plan ahead for what you think they could learn in the next session.

    If people go away feeling like they have achieved something, they’ll come back, especially if the price is right.

    Granted you’d have to do lesson plans and stuff but it’s a great way to teach someone properly.

  • “In the meantime, please consider taking a lesson in Chinese with Holo-laoshi”.

    Will he be teaching to write actual Chinese or the faggotry promoted by the genocidal maniac Mao Zedong?

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