Japan Trip – Days 7-8 (Tokyo)

Well did a bit less these two days so I’ll combine them. Day 7 we was all pretty tired and ended up sleeping in really late. When we finally got up and went out we caught a load of trains to Harajuki. Teg, holo, sara, jecht+gf and sakura went off somewhere to do stuff and rest of us went shopping. I went off on my own looking for anime shops. Found none, walked for fucking miles so mad. All I did find was a sex shop and an NGE shop, which I didn’t go in, cos the show sucks big floppy donkey dick. So after much walking around it was time to meet back up with everyone and go for food. Today’s dinner was to be okonomiyaki. Basically they give you the stuff for it and turn on a hot plate and you cook it yourself. We went for the all you can eat 1k yen each deal. Ended up swapping tables like 3 times before they stopped fucking us around. Was pretty nice, myself and stefl had 4 each and everyone else went for 3.

After that a bit of shopping, ended up going in the NGE shop after all. FML. Then we went to Caiogirls, this is basically a shop for little loli girls to buy manga. In walks myself, holo, jecht, teg, thething, stefl and odin. We start checking out all the kiddy manga and the two girls in there serving can’t keep a straight face and start laughing at us. TT ends up buying all the chibi devi manga, I buy koi x kagi and holo buys first 4 vols of chibi too. Walk out like men, proud of our purchases and carry on back to station. Jecht and holo get stopped by TV reporter interviewing foreigners. Holo can fill this in, since I managed to avoid it. See loads of kawaii school girls in sailor uniforms, is awesome. Get a few sly photos 😀

More trains and we head to the government building, first we stop by a park to look around. It’s shut. Fuck you Japan, what’s with all this shutting early? And a park? Come on. We lol at the sign, it’s like “no fishing, no music, no ball games, no bikes, no alcohol, no smoking, no tenting, no cooking, no dogs, no photos”. So yeah, pretty much “no fun”, and they want you to pay to enter. Pretty much worse park ever. Bit of raging and left for government building. Free to go up, which is nice. Is 40+ floors up, great views, we stay up there for a bit. TT and stefl start fucking around and stefl is all “wait till we get outside”. We finally leave and stelf is like “we are outside now” and TT runs off, stelf chases after him and they run behind this pillar. TT starts trying to catch the pillar and fails, throws his bags up to the path and then there’s a splash as he goes into a hidden pond he’s spotted and tried to avoid. Followed shortly by stefl who also didn’t see it. I stand there loling at them both along with some Japanese people who also saw the epic fail as it happened. They come out and start walk around making nice wet sounds as they move. Get some photos of them nice and wet and teg, stefl and I head back to hostel after getting a KFC. Rest go to some all you can eat cake shop that was apparently shut. Holo can fill in this part.

Train back to Ueno has me and teg in stitches. Stefl is sat between two girls and falling asleep. He keeps leaning like 30 degrees either way and then sitting back up, both girls get off. Probably not even their stop. Eventually get back and I go to sleep.

Wake up, day 8. Apparently loads of shit happened after I went to bed last night, someone else can fill this in. Today’s plan is to visit otome road, check out the BL and go up sunshine 60. So train it to where ever otome road is and decide on food. Jecht recommends a place so we go there. Is a load of signs there and it says it’s on the first floor, so we get in the lift. The lift is like totally smooth, feels like we are going no where. We open the door and we have go back out into the street we just came from. Apparently 1st floor in Japan actually means ground floor. Hoping no one saw us we go around the corner and find the entrance. Get some seats and guy bring over some iced tea for us. Is a cup thing in font of us so I pour a cup. Teg is like “that’s for receipts”… oops. It starts leaking all over and they move us to another table so I scurry away and say nothing. Don’t want to look like dumb foreigner! Uneventful meal for the most part, we keep ordering more food and they have to keep taking the bill away and fixing it. Leave there and head off to otome road. Sakura keeps asking Japanese people where it is, some of them really don’t want to help us find it, we eventually find it though. Arrange to meet up in a bit. So myself and teg wander off and head down into the local mandarake, turn around instantly at seeing all the BL and leave. Wonder around see nothing but BL. We are sad, resort to checking out all the side streets and fucking success we find a doujin shop. 5k yen later I walk out with 5 vols of loli porn, so pleased. Guy covered it all up in modesty covers for me too lol. Pretty good shop, lots of stuff in there I could’ve bought, I’m sure the SM stood next to us agreed.

Wonder around a bit more, guy buy some charger and headphones, grab a drink. Spot a bench… starting to think they didn’t exist. Head back to meeting place, go inside family mart, buy a miku ichigo cake and a melon ice lolly. Lose my little miku that came with my cake straight away, so sad. Wait around for 15mins. Holo comes to find us later than expected and drags us off to some shop. Inside sakura and sara have changed into LS cosplay school uniforms. Wander around some more, go sit in park, loads of cats, girls pet em, finally decide to move on to sunshine 60. Step in cat sick. FML again.

Have to pay at this one, but it’s also 60 floors up this time. Better view here, is even some platforms that you can get right up on and look down all the way below. Stay up there for ages. Take a load of photos, get a drink and then notice my phone is missing. Apparently I’d left it on a platform while chatting with jecht. Sakura comes with me to the desk to help ask if anyone handed it in, and success, someone did. So glad I didn’t loose it, totally would’ve been stolen back in UK, Japanese people so much nicer! Finally leave the tower as it’s closing for the night and we decide on Chinese again for tea, eat loads and go back to sleep. Meeting vocal again tomorrow so we have to get up early!

14 comments to Japan Trip – Days 7-8 (Tokyo)

  • Madoka

    haha true the phone would be stolen here, i had this happen to me twice now over here, ever since i became very sharp and making sure it’s with me.
    I must admit, i couldn’t hold in the laughter when i read you walked out with 5 volumes of loli porn xD

  • Nyann

    Nice. Any plan for “Onsen + Nozoki”? 😛

  • reira00

    nice going otome road is nice way to see the world of BL and they do have nice shops ans stores there too…… i wish i could see it evn just for a day

  • Pentinor =3

    “Stefl is sat between two girls and falling asleep. He keeps leaning like 30 degrees either way and then sitting back up…”

    I did the same thing when I was on a bus from Chicago to Baltimore….passed out and used this black ladies arm as a pillow. She didnt mind and was rather nice to talk to after I woke up and apologized….gave me some cookies when she got off.

  • Puddle

    Wait a moment.

    “Uneventful meal for the most part, we keep ordering more food and they have to keep taking the bill away and fixing it.”

    Did you eat at a restaurant serving Dim Sum?

  • Rokudaime

    Haha, man, sounds like you guys are having so much fun! ^_^ Also, kawaii school girls in sailor uniforms…Kuso, so jealous! >_<

    • Irie Naoki

      Just waiting for
      Day 12
      Thrown in jail for looking at kawaii school girls in sailor uniforms. Will be delayed at coming home for about couple of months”

  • ThatOneComment

    Sounds like one adventure after the other.

  • Ero_Yatsu

    I hate you all. I’m jealous as fuck.

  • Rawr

    So they were laughing because you were looking at kids manga? :/ Maybe they weren’t laughing at the group, but more someone in particular.. dunno but it seems rude anyway.

    Anyways on your Doujin point, when reading that I was like usuoisuiosio LOL omg. You’re clearly honest to a fault lol

    Anyways Otome Road? I hear that mentioned in anime but never seen it before, post pics lol

  • src

    No… you are making everyone reading your posts jealous. But, we still need more jealousy information and photos.

  • Rokudaime

    I really hope Holo fills us in on that TV interview later on lol. That’s one thing I really want to hear more about.

  • Alex

    Wow, looks like you guys are having an epic adventure in Japan. Is fun and interesting to read this.

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