Japan Trip - Day 6 (Kyoto / Osaka / Nara / Tokyo)

So get up and get our shit together need to catch early train so we can get everything done. To train station we go and on to the main Kyoto station. Stash our bags and stuff in lockers there and then grab a shinkansen to Osaka. Get there and we head for the aquarium, get inside and split up since there’s quite a lot of people in here and hard to stay as a group. See some otters, dolphin, seals, penguins, fish fish and more fish, some crabs and sharks.  Get a bit wet in the stroke the fish section some how. Go to toilet, once again no dryers in the toilet, so just got to deal with been wet for now. Finish looking around with nearly two hours left before we planned to meet back up. So we decide to go get food from the nearby mall. I try dry off in the sun for a bit first then we go inside. Go straight to the central food court. Decide to be brave and try something exotic. So I go for KFC, odin goes for subway and teg goes for KFC too. Finish up, look around the shops, they are crap, nothing really catches my eye. Go back outside and sit on a bench. A street performer starts doing his stuff nearby, so I go sit on the floor in the front with all the kids. He’s pretty good and entertaining. Eventually the crowd gets a bit bigger  and he starts to involve them in the routine, and then holo comes to collect me to meet up with everyone else. So I miss the end of it 🙁

Holo says he has found taiyaki stall, so we go there, time to cross something else off my list of things I wanted to do. I decide on the chocolate one, cos red bean isn’t actually very nice. It’s really nice, so I get a 2nd one. Teg gets a 2nd one too, but decides to get red bean. Says it’s crap and doesn’t finish it. Dodged a bullet there. I go buy 2 more chocolate ones for later on and then we go catch a load more trains to go feed deers in Nara.

Once we get to Nara we head up the street to the park looking for deer and spot our first one just casually chilling on the side of the road. Soon after 3 more are crossing at a zebra crossing which amuses us. Then we reach the park and go inside. Is a few more deer here and then walk on over to us. We don’t have much food with us, since we expected there to be a guy selling deer cakes or something. But since it’s afternoon and this is Japan everything is already closing. So we settle for giving them random food we have with us. Jecht’s gf has some in a bag which she starts feeding them, and the biggest deer decides to just rip the bag out of her hands and shake it till food comes out. We all back off a bit. Another deer snatches TT’s bag that doesn’t have any food in it. Then holo starts to feed them some left over taiyaki, decides to keep moving with it and pretty much gets chased around by 4 deer while we all lol at him. Running out of time now, so we need to get back to the JR line and catch a train back to Tokyo. Nara > Kyoto and grab our bags.

Then shinkansen back Tokyo. Train back is so embarrassing. We spot a girl sat to our left and forward, she’s playing a game on her phone. Then she leaves her bag and bottle of tea behind and goes. Comes back a while later and takes her bag and goes again. She’s gone for quite some time, so we assume she has gone. Jecht decides her tea looks nice so grabs it and comes back with it. A little while later I notice she’s back in her seat and looking around at us. At this time holo is drinking her tea, so teg and I are like er… she’s back and looking. Holo tries to hide the evidence in between the seats, there’s not even a gap there but he tries to force it in. Meanwhile I can’t stop laughing. Teg spots her learn around and take a photo of us all. So probably a photo of us on some Japanese site now tagged as the guys whole stole my tea. So embarrassing and can’t stop laughing. Eventually the girl who is selling stuff comes back through the coach and sara buys another bottle of tea for the girl, but jecht doesn’t want to give it to her, cos he feels no guilt lol. So his gf is like “geez, I’ll do it, how do I say sorry in Japanese”. Goes over says sorry, points at us all and gives her the bottle of tea. Apparently she looked pretty surprised about it, but she drank it and thankfully got off at the next stop. Rest of the trip was uneventful save for having to call the hostel and explain we’d be late arriving for checkin.

Get back to hostel late, checkin, is a problem with the rooms, they have double booked up one of our rooms, so holo, jecht and gf’s have to sleep in the owners house for the night. Several of us go out for a chinese, it shuts at 1am, so we have an hour still, get there and the guy recongises holo from 2 years ago. Stefl tries Kanades favourite food, the mapo tofu. Rest of us go with rice dishes. Eat my first ika in my rice… Not quite as bad as I expected, but not exactly awesome. Guy stays open past 1am for us to finish and then we leave and it’s time for bed.

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