Japan Trip - Day 3 (Kyoto)

Also added a little of my experiences on day 2 to previous post.

Day three, woke up in capsule inn. Managed to get around 4 hours sleep, felt tired as hell still. Another couple of onigiri from a 7/11 for breakfast and then sakurahime drops the bombshell that she left her railpass ticket in the first hostel, so of half the group goes to collect that. Myself, teg, tt, odin and stelf wonder around akihabara and end up in a Starbucks. Fuck I hate coffee, yet I got some anyway (brushed my teeth 3 times and can still taste it), we decide on leaving at 10, cos we expect holo to be late… Odin wonders off. We head to meet up point, and sure enough no holo, and also now no odin. Holo group finally gets back and teg sets off on Operation: Odin Rescue, to return a short while later with odin. Then spent ages either catching trains and looking where to exchange our railpass for the shinkansen.

Got that sorted and started the 2hour+ shinkansen ride to Kyoto, during which time odin notices he has left his bag in a locker in Akihabara, so had no gear with him for the 4 days we’d be spending in Kyoto/Osaka. Appears that someone has bad luck every day so far and today odin rolled it. Anyway, we get to the hostel in Kyoto and split into 3 groups, jecht no kanojou and sara head off for some shopping, odin heads off in search of new clothes and the rest head off to the main shrine in Kyoto.

At the shrine we stayed together for a while and gradually in true horror film fashion we kept losing people. Loads and loads of arches lined the path up to the top, and for some reason there was loads of cats too. The entrance part consisted of a 1000 and 1 ways to make you part with cash, mostly in the form of fortune stuff and prayers. I did spend 200 yen on a prayer, I’m sure we can find a photo of it some where… Anyway by the time we got to the top only 5 remained (teg can fill in what happened while they got lost) and I was totally fucked… and after all the mishaps earlier in the day it was dark by the time we got up there. So we didn’t stay long. Walked down in the dark, saw no yokai.

Left the shrine and ran into the rest of the group right as we left the exit of the shrine. Go to catch a train back to Kyoto and train is delayed so we end up walking a bit. Train > hostel > brief walk later and we end up with 5 of us in a soba stall. Holo can fill in this part, since I’ll be damned if I can recall what the food was. All I know is that I totally failed at chopsticks and that myself and jecht both had seconds 😑

Leave after a nice meal and decide to walk back a different way. Spot a love hotel on way back and a nice lady of the night hard at work. Walk back took slightly longer than expected as we ended up walking through a small shrine and taking the long route (AKA got lost) and culminated in teg riding a panda. Yes a panda.

17 comments to Japan Trip – Day 3 (Kyoto)

  • Takoyanki

    Photos plox :3

  • Mistborn

    Damn, your stories sound so fun… I can’t wait till I get to go to Japan as well… I currently plan on going there next summer πŸ˜€

  • Rokudaime

    You guys need to stop losing each other so much lol. πŸ˜› And forgetting stuff for that matter. You don’t exactly sound like the most well-organized lot out there. πŸ˜›

    • Rawr

      I guess they were having too much fun to remember everything lol. That being said I’m the same at times, misplacing stuff. Probably would do the same if I ever went to Japan.

      • Rokudaime

        Ye, I actually lost my passport during the London Comic Con earlier this year. πŸ˜› That was bad. I completely freaked out…Losing my passport in a convention with 70000+ attendees…Had me in a panick…Luckily somebody found it and handed it in to the administration, so I got it back after an hour or so. Phew! ^^’

        • Rawr

          Ah, I bet that was horrible, good that you found it though. Of all the countries to lose a passport in, if it ever came down to it, England is probably the better one, as there’s no language barrier. If for example you couldn’t find it, you’d have to report it lost or stolen, then head to the Norwegian Embassy in London, fill some stuff in and get some travel documents to be able to go home lol.

  • Rawr

    Hope you got some Shrine pics, it sounds great. Granted expensive lol

  • Trinity

    Good job on reaching the top of the shrine. I bet the heat of August wasn’t exactly helpful πŸ˜›

  • MoodForADay

    There’s got to be a point where you will classified as “haunted” due to the number of times you’re lost…
    Maybe Hachikuji is haunting you? πŸ˜›

  • Warlocke

    With luck like that, you may want to give that tour of the suicide forest a big, fat, PASS.

  • “F*** I hate coffee, yet I got some anyway (brushed my teeth 3 times and can still taste it)”,,,
    you and i got that in common buddy, :)) ! go coffee haters !!!

    • Rokudaime

      Add another one to the club. I actually tried to force myself to like coffee (because people often offer you coffee when you visit) by drinking it regularly for a couple of months (various types too). No dice. I hate the taste of the stuff. I’ll stick to tea, thanks. πŸ˜€

  • ibitro

    …how do you end up riding a panda?

  • Krozam

    “Wonder”? Don’t you mean “wander”? Also, it’s “kanojo”.

    Nitpicking aside, these stories are quite entertaining to read. It’d definitely be fun to visit Japan, too bad I don’t see an opportunity for me to visit there in the near future.

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