Kimi no Iru Machi - 07

Kimi no Iru Machi – 07

Cool guy Kazama says everything’s gonna be all right.

Greets, Doki friends. Hanabi reporting in. I’ll be your steward for the day. Please refer to the safety manual for “how to come out of a Doki release with all your marbles intact”.

Ah, incidentally, no ED karaoke this week, because they changed it on us, and I didn’t find out until I watched the damned thing myself. Next week, if it stays changed.

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33 comments to Kimi no Iru Machi – 07

  • Von Halzebrik

    thanks guys!

  • Geese1

    Thanks for the release!

  • soshii

    Thanks for the release.

    Man the flow of this series is going so weird that I’m considering dropping it. But then at the last 10 secs of the episode it has a twist that makes you anticipate next weeks episode >_<!

  • /人 ◕ ‿‿ ◕ 人\


    Three words to solve that problem: Read. The. Manga. Unlike this animation, the flow is linear.

  • Zen

    Yeah, I saw that there was a 2nd ED on the Kimi website. I expect it is a special for this episode.

    Thanks for the release. I know what I’ll be doing tonight! 🙂

  • Thank you so much for your release! Seriously, only reliable group doing this 😀

  • Dreamer

    How come we have had no new releases of Prisma Illya or Ro-Kyu-Bu! SS in so long? They are both quite behind.

    • Glis

      RL gets in the way, and most of the staff being on holiday in Japan also doesn’t help! Illya 5 & 6 are currently with me, and will be moving again soon.

      • Dreamer

        Okay, I was just wondering. Especially on Ro-Kyu-Bu! SS…it hasn’t had any new episodes in a long time and it was releasing about the time as Kimi no Iru Machi. I await Illya and hope to see them soon. At least there is something of an answer.

        • Hanabi

          RKB has a missing staff member who we’re having a hard time replacing. It’s sort of been put on the backburner while the guys are in Japan. KimiMachi has a full staff and me to cover for PL/QC.

  • Madoka

    Thanks for the episode. Really enjoyed it actually, i admit i was surprised by what happened though.
    Anyway great release and quite great for timing if i may say so ^__^ Thanks as always Doki.

  • swa

    I don’t know about the manga, but this anime is thrusting through each character’s asses like a lance that is desperate to reach its final target in 12 episodes at all cost.

    Character development? Back story?
    There is a mere ghost of that, just enough to give the idea that somewhere that development may have existed, somewhere else than the anime.

  • yamada

    ranka vs sheryl, round 2

  • yamada

    also, i don’t wanna be spamming but i think you guys misspelled yuzuki as “yuuki,” in part A, where kyousuke is talking to kirishima on the roof.

  • Zen

    At the end of the episode, can you double check the translation? In the manga (Chapter 101 page 17 :, she says, “Maybe we shouldn’t see each other anymore.” as opposed to “I wonder if we’ll ever meet again.” If the anime is actually different, no problem, but there is a distinct difference between wondering about whether they will meet again, which gives a distinct indication that she has no intention to go out, but leaves the future open, and suggesting that they not see each other anymore, which is more closed off. I guess it is similar enough. Both get across the message that she is not interested in dating him right now…

    I have to wonder how they’re going to go from here… How long will the next section be and how much will be skipped? sigh…

    • Orillion

      I’ll look into that for you, because I like your name.

      The epic shocker face Haruto makes also suggests something more extreme.

    • Orillion

      I checked with NeWbY and mit, and they both say our translation is correct.

      As mentioned earlier in the show Kyousuke thinks Haruto and Yuzuki only meet in the hospital and now that they have lost a common friend, Yuzuki wonders if there is no more reason to see Haruto.

      Unfortunately I do not have the manga in Japanese, so I don’t know if the actual lines are different. If you do here is the line used in the anime:

  • AnimeMuyou

    Thank you, Doki-team, for subtitling this series. The anime doesn’t do the manga justice, but I’m still enjoying hearing the voice-acting. (I wish the anime just covered the Hiroshima arc this season instead of jumping to the Tokyo arc with flashbacks to Hiroshima.) By the way, at 7:45, it shouldn’t be “my childhood friend Takashi-kun”, since Takashi was Haruto’s childhood friend, not Yuzuki’s. Thank you again for releasing, Doki!

    • Orillion

      They can both have the same childhood friend! 😀
      Anyway the original line is 幼馴染の尊君 (osananajimi no takashi-kun) which means “childhood friend Takashi-kun”.

  • JDMxAddicted

    I dunno which of these characters deserves a flying kick to the head anymore….

  • Ramo

    thanks for Ep . But what about new ED ? will you translate it ?

  • Rawr

    Thankyou for this 🙂

  • Zen

    About the line at the end of the episode…

    I had a buddy of mine look at the raw of the manga, the line that you gave me, and the clip of the anime without subs and this was his response:
    The manga has:

    Whereas you first gave me:

    But it is essentially the same, they just used kanji for some words that you gave me as hiragana, same words, same meaning. But not a question so just “we…. I wonder if we’ve seen the last of each other…”

    On the video she says,

    “Harutokun….we….we….we may not see each other again….”

    is how I would translate it just looking at the words but I can sort of see why it was subbed more as maybe we shouldn’t see each other again because Haruto’s reaction seems like he was not expecting her to say that so either she is moving away unexpectedly or breaking up with him unexpectedly is how I would interpret the scene. I would interpret it more like this if I’d seen the video first:

    “Harutokun….we….we….we may not be able to see each other again….”
    So it looks like the “Shouldn’t” in the manga scanilation is the big question. I would have to guess that they translated it like that because of the history of Yuzuki doing things like cutting off contact with him when she broke up with him via letter. In general, it is a more “proactive” take on the meaning of the phrase, with Yuzuki saying “I don’t want to see you again, ever.” As opposed to something that could be thought of as, “We are parting ways and may never see each other again.” The first is her basically telling him that she doesn’t want to see him. The second feels more like, “I won’t see you for a while and I am not sure that I will want to in the future.”

    When you think about the fact that they are currently living in the same town and attend schools that are relatively close to each other, there is always a possibility of just running into each other on the street, so I have to think of the statement as more of a “I don’t want to date you. In fact, I don’t even want to hang out with you as a friend.” kind of way. That appears to be how Haruto takes it and I think how we are supposed to interpret it…

    Anyway, thanks for the translation! You guys are still the most reliable subbers for this show, which I really appreciate!

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