Chibi Devi - 55

Chibi Devi – 55

Chibi fact: The anime Honoka changes the channel to in this episode is “Pudding in Love!” (Koisuru Purin!) which is also written by Hiromu Shinozuka – the author of Chibi Devi – although it doesn’t yet have an anime adaptation. This is also the anime Kyou rushed off to watch is episode 2, Mao watched in episode 34, and the main character Rina had a cameo appearance in episode 38 as the girl Karin, Mao and Rai asked for directions while they’re lost.

I’m no expert but I think they ride a tortoise this week. It has flat feet rather than webbed fins and a large dome shell rather than a small streamlined one. Yet it swims like a turtle. Anyway, it has a horn so it’s probably just a tortoise using Devil magic.

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